I’m so excited about our KPop choreography to BTS Mic Drop! I’ve been listening to more KPop since we’ve had Ally in our platform and this band is just so catchy. I mean. let’s be honest, most KPop songs are pretty catchy. There’s just something refreshing about BTS and I think you’ll really enjoy this new KPop dance choreography.

Why I Love KPop Dance

There’s so much variety in Kpop dance. A little mix of hip hop, jazz, funk and some femme grooves which means so much possibilities. A lot of people on our YouTube page suggested the band BTS and since I wasn’t familiar with them, I listened and was HOOKED. We had to ask Ally, our KPop Dance Party instructor, to create a dance choreography to one of their songs. She chose Mic Drop and I’m so glad she did. It’s hip hop, pop and everything dance. This choreography is so fierce and so confident! I love the way the kpop dance moves compliment the song and the lyrics. This song is all about showing off who you are and not caring about the haters! And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Ally’s BTS choreography.

Mic Drop KPop Choreography

I know you want to hit that replay button and dance to BTS again! I know I did. We love dancing with you and we can’t wait to have more dance parties!

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