Christmas is time for cheer, lights and dancing. I have the perfect list of Christmas dance choreographies that will surely put you in a jolly mood!

Holly Jolly Dancer

I grew up in the Philippines and back home, the Christmas season started in September. Halloween isn’t a big thing there and we didn’t have Thanksgiving so we jump straight to Christmas. It’s also tradition to have performances (whether it’s from the kids or the adults) at Christmas parties so you had to have choreography memorized. christmas dance choreography Now that I live in America, Christmas parties don’t have the same feel to them. So I turn to YouTube and dig up some Christmas choreographies that will make me feel right at home. I’m staying ready and learning these moves just in case I have to show off at a party one day! We’ll go through classic Christmas tunes and some remixes as well. There will be something for everyone so grab those Santa hats and let’s dance! Show off your Christmas dances on instagram. Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Flirty Hip Hop

We’re starting off with a classic anthem, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. This becomes an earworm from the get go so why not add some choreography so you can dance while singing the song. I love how energetic and adorable this choreo from Nicole is and anyone (beginner, kids and adults) can dance to it. Plus, get a tutorial from Nicole herself, here.

2. Santa Tell Me – Burlesque Choreography

Now let’s get a little spicy with Ariana Grande. I love this Burlesque choreography from Erica because it’s playful yet steamy and you get to use props. I feel like a pretty little present whenever I do this choreography at home. It’s also very beginner friendly and you can add your personal flare to any of the moves from this choreography.

3. Christmas Dreams – The Rockettes

I mean, who didn’t dream about being a Rockette when they were younger? The first time I saw the Rockettes Christmas show, my jaw was on the floor. I’m so happy I found this tutorial on youtube so I can live out my fantasy because I’m way too short to be a real life Rockette. I definitely rewatched the tutorial a few times before getting it but it’s so worth it.

4. Last Christmas Remix – Stella Choreography

Next, we have a more modern choreography from Aries Stella which would be super fun to learn with friends. First of all, this remix is so good and so fierce then you add this choreo and you feel like you’re in a Christmas movie. This choreo is a little femme and a little hip hop but a whole vibe and I can’t wait to learn this with my bff’s.

5. Jingle Bell Rock – Mean Girls Edition

Last but not least, the beloved Jingle Bell Rock choreography from a cult classic, Mean Girls. I appreciate how Carrie teaches the moves because she breaks it down really well in her step by step tutorial. If you love the movie, you should definitely learn this Christmas choreography so you can reenact it with your ‘plastics’ crew 😉

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