Hi Gorgeous! I’m so excited because Ashley and I created a new dance workout just for you! STRONG AND SEXY starts of with a fun sexy cardio dance and ends with a high intensity strength workout.  The combination of weight training and cardio helps build endurance and boost your metabolism. Plus the sexy dance makes it FUN and FEMININE! We just launched the first full length workout in the series and will be launching a new workout weekly in the next few weeks.
  • Strong and Sexy 3: Express Abs, a 15 minute ab focused cardio dance & strength workout
  • Strong and Sexy 4: Total Body Strength, 30 minute full body cardio dance & strength workout
  • Strong and Sexy 5: Not Your Arm Candy, a 15 minute arm focused cardio dance & strength workout
  • Strong and Sexy 6: Cardio Burn and Abs, 30 minute cardio dance and ab focused strength workouts
PLUS, Ashley created a sexy dance choreography to Wild Thoughts by Dj Khaled! That video drops on our online dance workout YouTube Channel 9/12!

We are the only on demand dance workout studio. For $18 a month, you get access to:

      • ??  All our DANCE workouts & choreography (100+)
      • ? Fresh NEW workouts weekly
      • ⚽  GOAL specific workout programs
      • ?  NEW workout schedule
      • ?  Members only newsletter
      • ?  Low Carb MEAL Plan
      • ?‍♀️ Exclusive Facebook GROUP
STRONG is the new SEXY.  

Charlene Dipaola 

CEO @ Hip Shake Fitness