It’s a New Year and we’re excited to announce that your Dancehall Jam instructor, Zen will also be our new Community Trainer! We’ve asked her important workout questions so you didn’t have to.

What does a Community Trainer do?

A community trainer bridges the gap between members on the Hip Shake Fitness platform. This includes, but not limited to, creating fun and interactive dance and fitness challenges, dance programs, and facilitating other online and offline social events.

What kind of workout programs can we expect in the future?

You can expect workouts that pull from different aspects of dance and fitness, including booty shaping inspired workouts, pilates-based workouts, flexibility and strength training, and more!

Are there resources for proper forms of exercises that I can refer to when I workout at home?

Here is a quick reference for common mistakes people make when it comes to form: shape-mag-fitness

Should I eat before or after a workout?

You should avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours of working out. It is safe to have a light smoothie or juice before a workout if you need some fuel. Note: It is safe to workout on an empty stomach, especially early in the morning.

How can I motivate myself to workout?

Writing down goals or intentions and posting it somewhere like your fridge is a great way to remind yourself what you wish achieve. You can also write down short affirmations on post-its and place them at your desk at work or home, like “I am Powerful” for an extra boost of motivation.

What is your favorite post workout smoothie?

Greens are always ideal before and after a workout. Here is a quick and easy recipe: gimme-some-oven

What are the best stretches to do after a workout?

Here’s a quick link with 5 post workout stretches that will take you 5-minutes or less:

Proper Sit Ups, Crunches & Leg Lifts with Zen