Old School dances are a big part of pop culture in the United States. It never fails to start a party on the dancefloor or make someone smile when they’re having a bad day. Come learn some of these classic old school dances for your next party, G!

Cool Old School Dances

Old School dances are the way to go when you want to start a dance party because everyone either knows them or have at least seen them. These are classic moves that have stood the test of time and have been enjoyed by different generations. Nothing screams cool than busting out an old school hip hop dance move in the middle of the dance floor. Whether it’s to an old song or a new song, you’re sure to catch people’s attention with your movesToday I’ve compiled some of my fave old school dances. Did yours make the list? Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything. Either way, let’s get our old school groove on together! Be part of our community and show off your old school dance moves on instagram. Make sure you use #hipshaker and tag @hipshakefitness so we can give you some love, G ?

The Humpty Dance

I gotta start us off with one of my favorite old school dances! The Humpty Dance is such a dope song and the move is super fun. I guarantee that when you play this song and start dancing, everyone will follow. I think this is my favorite because of how silly it is and how much of your personality goes into this dance.

MC Hammer Can’t Touch This

I mean, who doesn’t run to the dance floor when MC Hammer comes on?? This old school dance move is such a classic and a leg burner, if I do say so myself. Here’s a challenge for you, how low can you go while doing the Hammer Run? I don’t know how MC Hammer did it all these years and babe, he’s still touring!

The Prep

This is for the cool kids out there who wants to dance, but also want people to know that they’re just chill. You’ll catch everyone’s eyes with these moves and they’ll try to be as cool as you. This is a great resting move because I know a lot of the old school dances are pretty high energy.

The Reebok

You ready to get back in the groove? The Reebok is a move that a lot of people do, but they never know what the name of it is. I love the different variations that this move provides. It also works for any hip hop song, be it old school or new school. That’s what a tru classic dance move is all about.


I always dreamed about being part of TLC. They were so cool and they looked like they would be awesome girlfriends! Now I can reminisce the good old days and put on Creep and pretend like I’m part of the group filming our music video. This move can get a little tricky because your legs move differently from your arms and may take a little bit of practice to perfect.

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