Picture this, it’s 1995, doc martens were all the rage and you hear “This is how we do it” on the radio.. Ahhh the good old days. There were no cellphones, pagers just got around and everyone had a chain from their belt loops to their pockets (whyyy???) Grab your Reebook pumps and reminisce with me as we look back at some classic Old School Hip Hop dance choreographies.

Old School Hip Hop Classics

I grew up in the Philippines and 1996 was the year I graduated high school. I was stuck in the middle of grunge and hip hop. MC Hammer, TLC, Blackstreet and that guy named Snoop. It was the time of MTV and we were collecting cassette tapes. If you had money, you may have upgraded to CDs. I wanted to give a shout out to my high school friends. We formed a girl gang just for fun and would put on our black lipstick and try to look upset while we try to nail down our pose on a non-digital camera. Man I love high school! Check out one of these goldmine photos — heeeeey babes!!! I mean can you even spot me? LOL!!! A lot of people’s high school reunions are now happening. I wasn’t able to go to our 20th year reunion but hoping I’ll make 25th in in 2021 (yikes!). Come reminisce with me with this collection of old school hip hop choreographies that I absolutely love!! Old school hip hop dance brings everyone together because these moves and songs are such classics that everyone has at least heard them once. To be honest, when I hear an old school hip hop beat, I can’t help but jump around – ya feel me babes?? What’s your favorite old school hip hop song? Share it in the comments so we can make a choreography to it.

1. Creep | TLC

My jam, my girls, my fave! I love this choreography because it’s simple, powerful and you get to do “The Creep” move aka The Butterfly. Ashley keeps this choreography fly and smooth just like the TLC girls. Who are you reppin? T-Boz, Left Eye or Chilli?

2. Rapper’s Delight | Sugar Hill Gang

Oh my gosh. These ladies are super dope, funny and they killed this choreography. I love that they went through a lot of classic old school hip hop dance moves like the Top Rock (for my bgirls out there), a little Humpty Dance and even the Carlton dance! I’m telling you, these ladies brought it.

3. No Diggity | Blackstreet

I like the way they worked it, for sure. This choreography is so smooth and I love that they have different ages dancing to it. My fave from this choreo is the body roll combo with the legs. It looks so fresh and funky, I can’t wait to show that off on the dance floor!

4. This Is How We Do It | Montell Jordan

Running Man fo lyfe! Here’s another fun choreography from Ashley featuring myself and my sister. We had so much fun filming this choreography because it’s so bouncy and it will seriously put a smile on your face while you dance. Talk about classic hip hop songs, this is how WE do it!

5. Push It | Salt-N-Pepa

I gotta give it up for my fitness choreographers too, yah know? Natalie looks like such a fun instructor and with song choices like Salt-N-Pepa, I know I’d take her class! This is definitely a fun thigh burner with non stop two step action. And you even get to do the Roger Rabbit at the end ?

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