Are you a beginner twerk dancer? Do you have zero experience with twerking? You’ve come to the right place babe because we’ve got a one on one lesson with the twerk queen herself, Nicole Steen!
Twerking is an artform that people either accept or shake their heads no to. Since you’re here, you obviously want to know more about the art of twerking. It’s a great workout, not only for your booty, but also your core and legs plus it’s a lot of fun! Twerking was definitely a little scary for me in the beginning.I’ve got a small booty and I used to think I can’t twerk but thanks to Nicole— Los Angeles’ very own Twerk Queen, I realized it’s just about attitude! Her bright and fun energy really got me out of my own head and was so sore the next day. A lot of people don’t realize that twerking is actually a really good workout. Not only does it sculpt your booty, it also works on your abs because you still have to crunch your core in order to properly engage your lower back and butt muscles. Plus, since you’re pretty much in squat position when you twerk, you also improve your leg strength. Did I mention I also feel more confident and fierce after I’ve learned to twerk? It’s such a great boost of confidence and for me, I feel like a secret twerk queen when I do any of our Tone N Twerk workouts at home and then go about my day. It’s my little secret and keeps a smile on my face and keeps my booty tight ? Our Tone N Twerk workout will lift and sculpt your greatest asset. It starts with a strength and toning routine that will tighten those glutes and ends with a fun and jiggly twerk workout with Nicole! Shake what your mama gave yah and be the TWERK QUEEN you truly are! Show off your booty gains on instagram with #hipshaker so we can give you some love ?  

1. Squat

Bend your knees and sit in a squat then place your hands on your thighs for support. This is your main form when twerking and because of the squat, you’re working on them leg muscles and making them stronger.

2. Lower Back Arch

All that power will be coming from your lower back. Arch it like there’s no tomorrow. I like thinking about it like my booty is trying to touch the back of my head. Get it babe!

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3. Work Your Lower Back

While you’re arching your lower back, you’re also working on your core. You’ll notice a muscle burn in your lower back and your abs after a few basic twerk set.

4. Twerk It Side To Side

Now you’ve mastered the basic booty pop, get a little crazy and try moving from side to side. Use that arm support to really lean right and left. Try single twerk for each side or you can even double it.

5. High Low Twerk

Here’s another fun twerk variation that will get your whole body moving! Get up and arch your chest and booty up then squat down and pop that booty again. Go as slow or as fast as you want babe. You’re the twerk queen now!

Big booty, small booty… let’s all twerk together babes!

One On One With The Twerk Queen

On your lesson plan: TWERK. Get the full class with Nicole now.

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