Hi Gorgeous!! I can’t stress enough how important arm workouts are for ya. It took me losing my arm functionality so I can understand how important arm strength is.

Importance of Arm Workouts

In 2012, while practicing Capoeira, I broke my right arm. It was a spiral fracture of the humerous. It was one of the hardest injuries I experienced. I couldn’t drive, could barely type and couldn’t really use my right hand (I’m right handed). I’m telling you this story because this is when I learned how important it is to make sure our ARMS are strong. Sometimes when we dance a lot, we put all the focus on our lower body and our ARMS DON’T REALLY GET THE STRENGTH they deserve. Thankfully, after 6 months and with the support of family and my capoeira instructor / your Brazilian Warrior Workout teacher Jessica, I was able to heal and get back into capoeira and dancing (of course). I do have a funny broken arm mugshot to prove it. HAH! Strengthening your arms have so many benefits. Not only will you feel stronger, you’ll also feel healthier. Resistance training reduces the risks of injury and creates a stronger armor for your upper body. Today’s blog post is all about arms. We’ve compiled our top arm workouts that you can do with or without weights. Let me know which one you like the most and if there’s any other good workouts I should check out. Show off your beautiful arms on Instagram and use #hipshaker so we can give you some love babe. Need weights? I love the colors of this one babe.

1. Afrovibe Arms | 5 Min | No Equipment

Drill Sergeant Zen is here with a smile on her face to make you SWEAT! Afrovibe is not just for your standing strength, these arm workouts are a killah. And Zen always knows when you’re dropping your arms ?Start with in and out Arm Squares and tone your arms without any equipment.

2. Strong & Sexy Arm Workout | 5 Min | Weights Optional

Weights? Yeah baby! If you don’t have any weights, use a water bottle or canned food. This is a great slow burn for your Wonder Woman arms. Even though this is only 5 minutes, I was shaking in the middle of the workout. I also feel so much stronger when I was done and that feels GOOD.

3. Flirty Hip Hop Arms | 5 Min | Weights Optional

A fast and effective arm toning workout for me? Yes pls! Even though Nicole is our booty queen, she is also #bodygoals! If I can just have a sliver of hope that my arms will look like hers when I do her arm workouts then hell yeah I’ll do them everyday ??Light weights are encouraged for this workout because there are a lot of reps per move.

4. Barre Inspired Arms | 15 Min | Weights

Barre and arms? I’m totes in babes. Barre isn’t just about tucking anymore. Diane knows arm workouts are important so she wants you to enjoy working out those guns. Not only does she do standing arm strength workouts, she also goes down to the floor to workout your arms. How does that work? Well press play babe and be amazed.

5. Dancehall Jam Arm Toning | 30 Min | Resistance Bands

Let’s circle back to Zen because she’s got a 30 minute Dancehall Jam that will create a puddle of sweat under you! You’ll start with a Dancehall choreography and works on your total body and then really get the sweat going with her arm toning with weights. This is dancing with weights and I love every part of it??

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