It’s been 15 days since we started this roller coaster ride we now call Hip Shake Fitness Kickstarter campaign.  We’ve raised 60% of the funding goal and we have 15 more days to go.  These 15 days have been the most stressful, crazy and fast-paced days of my life.   We’ve still got $6,000 to raise and I’m confident we will make it. I wanted to take a moment and think about what I learned so far so that IF I ever decide to do this never again, I can refer to this blog post and remind myself. You can read all you can about doing something, but every time you do something new, it’s just like you are Tyrion Lannister and it’s your first time getting close to dragons. OK sorry I just can’t get over that episode I just watched last night… tyrion lanister and dragons That said, there were some things I learned from the campaign so far that I wanted to share If any of you ever want to try kickstarting your business / idea:

A good VIDEO is everything

  • Everyone has heard this before, videos can increase your conversion rate on your landing page by at least 30%. When I was working at Webmetro, now part of Ravena Digital, we tested landing page after landing page and we ALWAYS proved this to be true.
  • There is something about a good video that makes people think you are much bigger than you really are.  Everyone told me how good and professional our kickstarter video looked and was congratulating me about that at launch. IMO we are a video content company, our video HAS to look EPIC!
  • The whole video was less that 5 minutes but, the shoot took 3 days! We had so many different planning sessions to get it to where it is.  I am very happy w/ our results. I can’t recommend Paul and Ben, my videographers enough.  Video pre-planning was key!
  • If you want to learn more about our shoot and team, check our our Inside the Kickstarter Dance Shoot series.

Get KEY BACKERS to commit BEFORE launching

  • There were a few key backers that really helped us get our momentum. They were people whom I talked about my business previously and who were ready and willing to support from the beginning. I actually created packages specific to these people and got their feedback early on so I would know that they would for sure pledge as soon as we go live

Personal Emails / Messages are best

  • For me there was no conversion rate higher than the emails / FB messages that I personally sent to people who knew me especially those I had previously spoke to about the concept. I probably have a 60% batting average right now of people I personally ask and pledges.
  • For those who think that if you have an idea, keep it to yourself, I completely disagree. This is especially for a consumer facing product. If you have an idea let people poke holes on it as soon as possible so that you can think through all the aspects you didn’t think about before.

There is life AFTER Kickstarter

  • It was an especially bleak and low total pledge day on kickstarter when I saw a post on a secret facebook group that has kickass women.
    Education Inspired Athletic Wear

    Posted w/ permission from Rose Clothing

  • Heather’s positive attitude and persistence reminded me that at the end of the day, Kickstarter is but a channel to get users, drum up some press and hopefully, get funded!  At the end of the day, it will be about the product we launch and making our users happy.
  • Make sure you give some love and support to Rose Clothing, athletic wear made of recycled materials and proceeds go to supporting education!
I wanted to end with an EPIC shout out to my family and friends who have been so supportive throughout the whole process.  Special mention to my mom, my husband and my sister Anne. I really couldn’t keep doing this without your support.   Charlene   Please don’t forget to pledge to get this project fully funded! dance workout kickstarter Charlene Dipaola brings her 10+ years experience in digital marketing to Hip Shake Fitness. Learn more about her traffic growth and digital analytics background on linked in.