May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and we’re putting a spotlight on our Kpop Dance Party instructor, Ally Vega. We talked to her about her upbringing and how she got started in dance. And as a dancer, she goes from one gig to another so we also talked about how to she keeps herself healthy and fed on the go.

Asian American Reppin’

I’m so excited that I can represent Asian Americans in dance. I am Filipino and was born and raised in the Philippines. I moves to the US when I was 22 and always thought Asians were under represented in the media. I’m grateful that I can shine a light on Asian culture with our platform because everyone needs to experience other cultures even from their own home. I’m proud of our Asian-inspired workouts like Kpop Dance Party, Bollywood Abs and Belly Dance Trance. If you’ve tried them before, thank you! And if you’re curious, it’s so easy to try it at home. Every new sign up gets a 15 day free trial, so what have you got to lose? Learn a new dance style for free and maybe you’ll fall in love with it ?I know I have!

Q and A with Ally Vega Livestream

Learn about our sensational Kpop Dance Party instructor, Ally Vega on our lunchtime chat below.  

Kpop Dance Party

Kpop Dance Party is a cardio dance party that blends hip hop grooves, jazz funk, and house. KPop, which is short for Korean pop music, is a music genre from Korea that’s known for its infectious, catchy beats and tunes. K-pop can be super cute or edgy, it can also be grounded in hip hop sounds and elements. 

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