I always want to work on my gluteus and make it maximus for sure, but I don’t really know where to start. I also don’t have a lot of time so I want workouts that will focus on my butt and quick. Luckily, that’s what some of our instructors have done. Let’s take a look at these quick glute exercises and get to work!

Quick Glute Fix

Have 5 minutes to spare for your bootay? Here are our very quick glute exercises that will define, tone and tighten that peach.

Warm Up With Dancehall Jam

Focus on isolating your hips and warming up those glutes with Zen. This is a great glute workout to begin with and to figure out your personal rhythm.

Nonstop Action with Brazilian Warrior Workout

Get your warrior sticks ready– I use wooden spoons! This workout includes non-stop footwork on bent knees so you’ll really feel it in your legs and lower glutes.

Burn Booty Burn with Tone N Twerk

You can stand and tone your booty, just follow Nicole and you’ll be on your way to booty goals. This workout is very squat and lunge heavy, meaning more work for your butt!

Kick Ass with Tone N Twerk

We just love Tone N Twerk and we know you do too so here’s another one. We’re taking it down to the floor and working on each leg for 5 minutes. Work on donkey kicks to achieve the booty of your dreams with Nicole.

Extra Booty Workout

Want a longer booty workout for free? We’ve got a new series that’s perfect for you.

Strong and Sexy 30 Minute Booty Workout!

Start with strengthening exercises and end with a fun cardio dance workout. Ashley has cooked up a workout that will tone your thighs, legs and buns.

A Glute Workout A Day

And if you want one booty workout a day for the week plus a bomb, low carb meal plan…

Bootylicious 7 Program

We have curated a booty focused program that will surely get your butt moving one dance workout a day at a time. And you get to try out delicious foods that are low carb and easy to make like Fettuccini with Sausage and Mozzarella Asparagus Meatballs. YUM!

Need Equipment?

Booty Bands Yoga Mat Weights