Need a lower body workout that will make you sweat in no time? Try our at home barre workout! It’s only 5 minutes, but I guarantee your lower body muscles will be screaming… screaming for more ?

At Home Barre Workout

Who took ballet classes when they were young? ??‍♀️I think most of us did and we either stuck with it or we moved on. Ballet will always be my first love, but when I was younger I got way too skinny and my mom took me off the ballet class. It was a bummer, but you never forget your first love. Ballet techniques aren’t exactly my best friend anymore, but I still love how ballet moves make your legs strong. That’s why I’m so glad that barre exists. It’s a class that usually uses a ballet barre and incorporates ballet moves to help you with strength and flexibility. So how do we make this accessible to everyone? Not everyone has a ballet barre, right? Luckily, Diane created Blissful Barre which combines ballet, yoga and pilates to give you a total body workout right at home! Isn’t that great?? For your ballet barre, all you need is a chair with a back and you’re good to go! Ever since I started doing Blissful Barre, I’ve noticed that my flexibility has improved and my legs are so much stronger. Occasionally, Diane will even do barre arm strength and I definitely need help in that department too. So are you ready to take your barre leg game to the next level babe? Come meet me at the barre ? Show off your barre photos on instagram and use #hipshaker so we can give you a virtual high five ?<p/P

1. Relevé

I’m a big fan of the relevé. It makes your calves strong AND it makes you feel tall. When you repeat this move, your calves will be on fire in no time! Use the chair for balance or put your hands in front of you and try to balance on your own.

2. Tuck in Relevé

Tucking is so great for your core and your lower body. It engages muscles that you didn’t even know you had! Combined with the relevé, you’ll be super leggy and super strong and you’ll definitely be sore in the morning too.

3. Butterfly Bands

Ooh get those resistance bands out babes. This ain’t your normal butterfly move, this is a strong, tip toeing butterfly like you’ve never seen before. I love adding bands to my workout and seeing my progress from light to heavy bands. A little motivation goes a long way.

4. Curtsy Squats

Fancy a squat? Squats are good for your lower body muscles and overall strength. This move also challenges your balance for each leg. Which leg do you stand on more often? Is your balance better on one than the other?

5 Minute Lower Body Barre Workout

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