Real Women of Hip Shake Fitness is a way to get to know our dancers. These are women and special dudes who are not afraid to shake it and change the world one dance step at a time. Today we’re meeting this super down to Earth lady, Grace who has danced in our Dancehall Jam and Afrovibe™ workouts!

Grace Stagg

“I dance because I can’t afford therapy.”

What is your favorite type of dance?

Hardest question ever! Hip hop or freestyle.

What song is your guilty pleasure to dance to?

Anything Rihanna!

How do you keep yourself motivated to workout?

Breathing. And doing my favorite type of workout– DANCE!

Grace, Zen & Darrell of Afrovibe™

What got you started dancing?

Dancing itself got me into dance. The yearning to not watch, but do. I just love to dance!

Your perfect snack?

Hmmmm, carrots and hummus. Anything goes great with hummus!

What did you think about your Hip Shake Fitness experience today?

I always have so much fun! Worked up a hard sweat and I got to dance my heart out. I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow.

Dance with Grace

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