Real Women of Hip Shake Fitness is a way to get to know our dancers. These are women and special dudes who are not afraid to shake it and change the world one dance step at a time. Today we’re meeting Maddy who recently out fierced us in Flirty Hip Hop!

Maddy Dacasin

I dance to feel sexy! real-women-hsf-maddy

What is your favorite type of dance?

I like Flirty Hip Hop, Bellydance and Hula.

What song is your guilty pleasure to dance to?

Side To Side by Ariana Grande

What is your favorite indulgence after a dance workout?

I eat or pig out 🙂

Knowing what you know now, what life advice would you give your younger self?

Be more confident about yourself!

What are you most thankful for?

I’m thankful for my job, my husband, my family & faith in JC!

How was your HSF shoot experience?

I loved it! It’s just stress-free, care-free feel and environment. It was really fun to dance in a no pressure kind of environment. flirty-hip-hop-christmas

Catch Maddy in our Flirty Hip Hop series coming out this month! And get a stress-free dance workout right at home when you subscribe to our online dance workouts today.