Rebounder workouts are my new fave go to. I’m so lucky that my bestie, Diane is a trampoline workout instructor and she wanted to do a whole class with only Beyonce songs! I mean, who doesn’t want to jump to Bey songs?

Rebounder Workout For Beginners

I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to rebounder / trampoline workouts. This workout is always a great way to get cardio done in a low impact way. Super soft on the knees, but don’t get it twisted, it will get your heart rate way up! rebounder workout beyonce Did you know that 10 minutes on a trampoline equals to 30 minutes of running? Isn’t that amazing? What I love about rebounder workouts is how fun they truly are. I didn’t expect to get such a fantastic workout with a mini trampoline, plus Diane creates the most fun and challenging choreography for this class too. It was a no-brainer to use Beyonce songs for this 10 minute class because if anyone will inspire us to keep jumping, it will be the Queen!

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Beyonce Bounce Baby

To start the workout, Diane uses the Beyonce remix of Vogue. This was a version I’ve never heard before so it gave me life on the trampoline. I love Madonna and this remix just hits different. I think my favorite move from this song is the quarter turn jumps. I love being able to see how strong and happy Diane looks on her trampoline. I also love the little dab and turn move, that one is just down right fun.

Who Run The World? GIRLS

Of course, we had to use Run The World. A Beyonce workout playlist wouldn’t be complete without this song and did it deliver! I love the high knees move because it was definitely challenging for me to do. Nevertheless, I did it and I know Beyonce would be very proud of me.

Try Our Beyonce Rebounder Workout

Come jump with Diane and I in this beginner friendly 10 minute workout. We’ll start with a warm up and get you jumping in no time. And come match with us with some pink too, are you ready?

Trampoline Workouts Anytime, Anywhere!

Let’s develop better balance, coordination and motor skills together on a trampoline. Afterwards, we’re strength training to reveal your beautiful toned muscles. Let’s have fun and vibrate our highest energy together! Get all our Trampoline Tone workouts and so much more on our online dance studio. rebounder trampoline instructor