If you don’t know by now, Cardi B is a total babe and a twerk QUEEN. Everytime I hear a Cardi B song, I can feel my booty starting to shake and ready for some twerk dance choreography. So let’s get shakin’ and make Cardi B proud, okkuurrr?!

Cardi B Twerk Dance Choreography

The first time I heard Bodak Yellow, I was hooked. Cardi B is an unapologetic, fierce female that we should all try to emulate. She’s not afraid to be herself and she’s a total inspiration for all boss babes out there. Cardi B and our twerk instructor Nicole Steen is a great combination. Both ladies are sassy, sexy and total booty goals. We’ve got two Cardi songs in our library, Bodak Yellow and I Like It that we twerked our booties to. Nicole’s choreography is a perfect match for these songs because it’s all about embracing your bad self! Your bad self also means your inner twerk queen and this is where Nicole comes in. She will guide you through your twerk dance journey with moves that will release your inner saucy twerk diva side. You ready to shake what your mama gave you? Let’s twerk it babe! Tone N Twerk starts with a booty toning workout and ends in a fun twerk choreography. Join Nicole and be part of this twerk revolution and checkout new twerk workouts on our instagram and tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Bodak Yellow Twerk

  • Shuffle Twerk
  • Standing Booty Twerk
These two moves are my absolute favorites. The shuffle twerk is from our how to twerk step by step video and it’s one that I use all the time. It’s all about the hips for this move because you get to sit on it like your throne! Standing booty twerk is one you’ll see a lot in music videos. What I’ve learned from Nicole is that you shouldn’t be afraid of  letting it jiggle. Learn how to let that booty go while you’re standing and make that money rain babe!

I Like It Twerk Dance Tutorial

  • Whip Hair With Side Twerk
  • Up Down Twerk
Hair choreography is another one of Nicole’s specialty so it only makes sense that she adds it into her dance. It took a lot of practice to get my hairography right, but I got there and you can too. The hair flip go together with a side twerk so right after you flip that gorgeous mane, throw your hip to the side and shake it. Another classic twerk move is the Up Down Twerk which really makes your booty pop. The trick is to try to get your booty to touch your head and I know that’s impossible, but trust me babe that’s what we’re going for.

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