Today I’d like you to meet one of our members Sari from Faroe Islands. She’s a mom, preschool teacher, dancer and she’ll inspire you with her journey today.

Sisterhood In Dance

I love being able to connect with so many women from all over the world. We all have found each other because we love to dance and we wanted to keep our bodies healthy. I’m so happy to see our dance workout studio grow and how much each babe in the community inspire others. Sari has been a member since March 2020 and I’m so excited to share her story with you today.

Sari, Faroe Island

My name is Sari, I am a preschool teacher and a mother of two boys (6 and 2). I love music, handcrafts, animals (we have a dog, two guinea pigs and 10 chicks) and nature. I have a background in ballet with some just for fun classes of folk dancing, jazz, latin (bachata was my absolute favourite) and bollywood dancing.

What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

Dancing has been a part of my identity, until I at 18 moved away from home. I was also a track and fields athlete. When I moved away I stopped the organized group workouts I had been part of and just ran on my own to clear my head. At 21 I moved abroad and developed eczema, I couldn’t sleep and lost most of my hair. I was a mess, and even the least amount of warmth (read physical activity like even small walks) made it worse. That was the starting point of me getting out of shape. Once the condition got a bit better I got pregnant with our first son. During pregnancy I developed a thyroid disease, also means I couldn’t do any physical activity without my heart rate going way out of control. So for quite a few years now I have been a lot less active than I used to, and it showed.
Along came this spring. I was not liking what I saw in the mirror and I hated how heavy my steps were when walking. I decided it was time for a change. We live far away from gyms (5 hours round trip) and have hectic everyday lives and I knew I would find it difficult to commit to going to the gym or join any physical group classes. To add to, we have 300 plus rain days a year where we live, and so I knew starting running wouldn’t be very appealing either in the autumn storms or winter darkness. 

Why Did you join Hip Shake Fitness?

I really missed dancing and so I googled on Bollywood online dance classes, simply because it is so much fun and I love the music. I decided I needed that smile in my life again, an activity where I don’t need to take myself too seriously. I found a few options, but there was something about Hip Shake Fitness that really caught my eye. I loved the variety of classes I’d be able to do and it seemed very beginner friendly, I got the feeling I didn’t need to be in ballerina shape to start and decided to just take a go at it.

Why do you think Hip Shake Fitness is different from other online fitness subscription sites?

What Hip Shake Fitness does, that makes the platform so different from what I expected and what impressed me so much, was the diversity and personality of the videos. I love that it’s not just professional dancers in the videos, but it’s anyone, it could be you or me. For me, that’s what hipshakefitness really stands for, we are all in this together and we support each other as we dance, laugh, sweat and improve. I started out with Ashley’s classes, it was Bollywood that brought me in after all, and the energy and positivity of all the instructors was just what I needed. I was in chock of just how bad my muscle shape was but they make me push myself that one bit further.
It is said to take 21 days to make a habit and 90 to make it a permanent lifestyle change.
It is said to take 21 days to make a habit and 90 to make it a permanent lifestyle change. About 25 days into my new workout routine we opened up the society again and I went back to work, at that point I was no longer pulling teeth to get the workouts done. I needed my daily doses of me-time to clear my head and just focus on my body, and so it was not too difficult to keep the habit up. I made a weight loss plan and I found the clothes hid at the back of my closet that I wanted to fit again. I promised myself to treat every day as a new chance to make the changes I wanted to see.

What was your approach with nutrition?

Around then I decided it was time to start looking at nutrition. Looking back at it, I am so happy I did this in stages, that gave me time to adjust and make new habits without feeling overwhelmed and just stopping all together. I’m so lucky it’s my husband who does most of the cooking, and he was a bit sceptic when I told him I wanted to try a low carb diet. He was wonderfully supportive though, and we found really good recipes that made us actually love this kind of diet.
Three months in and I have reached the clothing goals and first weight goal I originally set. I’m so far from done though, there’s plenty more toning to do and muscles to build, besides, I wouldn’t want to stop working out anymore, this is the lifestyle I want to live. I have now bought myself a fancy pair of designer pants second hand, and they are a bit too small in the waist. Next goal and motivation all ready to go.

What’s your favorite dance class at HSF and why?

HSF has given me the chance to try out dance styles I didn’t know existed or I could do, and it’s been so much fun. Maculele, African dance and LA latin, especially jive! all bring a smile to my face but my absolute favourite is Blissful Barre. Barre workout class is part of the healthy new daily habits of mine. Anytime I feel stressed I do a Barre class and it clears my head leaving nothing but the good.

How has HSF been helpful to your journey?

I love that HSF has a set week program that I can choose to follow. By doing that I get a ready thought through combination of cardio and strength training with leg and arm days. This way I have also found new workouts to love that I perhaps initially wouldn’t have thought of trying. The support of the community also really helps in keeping the motivation up and going especially in the beginning. Oh, and the recipes! Charlene, the founder, is always cooking up new things and thinking of new ways of keeping us fit and healthy (and happy!)

What does being a member of the #hsfteam mean to you?

I’m stronger, happier and healthier thanks to hsf. Joining the team has been a life changer and I’m so very grateful to have found such a wonderful platform. It has given me the motivation, support and tools to make the changes I needed to do.

What’s your advice for someone starting their fitness journey?

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Write down your goals
  3. Do some soul searching. What do you want to change/improve/fit. Having those goals and motivation clear in your mind makes the work easier.
  4. Track down your habits. Use the knowledge you have about yourself to help you make new, healthier habits. I crave sweets so badly in the evening after a long day. Find alternatives that are healthier. Mine is a cup of liquorice and mint tea and a blissful barre class.
  5. “Love” the workouts that are a pain and you struggle with. Redo them every once in a while, nothing beats the satisfaction you get when you feel the improvement.
  6. Find a support network. If you don’t have anyone nearby, The Hip Shake Fitness community is wonderful for this. It’s such a supportive and positive community and the founder, instructors and administrators are all an active part in it, ready to cheer you on or to remind you that you aren’t alone in the daily struggles.

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