Sexy dance classes are here to spice up your 2021! Learn choreographies like burlesque, hip hop and heels dance at home. It’s a new year, so let’s learn new dances today.

Make It Sexy For 2021

A new year calls for trying new things. Whether it’s a new hobby, a new clothing style or a new dance class, feel like a new woman by trying risque and sexy dance classes. sexy dance class Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try a burlesque class or even heels choreography. I love trying new ways to explore my sexiness and dance is a great way to express yourself while feeling yourself too. I feel so empowered and confident after a sultry dance class. We’ll try some chair dancing, twerking and I’ll have to be honest, some of these routines are definitely for your eyes only or your sweety’s eyes only, but that’s what makes them extra special. Stay sexy and dance with us through 2021. Show off your moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

High Heels By Jojo Burlesque Routine

Burlesque dance class is one of my new fave to do when I need a little confidence boost. This routine is seriously so fun because Erica included floor work as well. I think we’re definitely bringing leg warmers back and making them a dance class staple again.

Twerk Dance Workout

Twerk classes are definitely one of a kind. Especially when you have the booty queen, Nicole teaching it. I love this class because it helps you get in touch with your femininity and you learn super fun moves. My tip for this class is to not take yourself so seriously and you’ll have the best time.

How To Dance In Heels & Look Sexy

Walking in heels is hard enough, what about dancing in them? Babe, you can do it! You don’t have to start with stilettos right away, grab those kitten heels and work your way up. Kaleila will make you feel comfortable moving in those heels and confident dancing in them too.

Beginner Chair Dance Tutorial

Chairs aren’t just for sitting, they’re for dancing too. Add a little spice to your regular chairs at home and learn how to do burlesque chair tricks on them. Erica will teach you how to work it solo and how to work it with a partner. It’s fun and flirty and perfect any time of the year.

More Sexy Dance Tutorials Anytime

We’ve got sexy dance tutorials all year long. Get unlimited access to all of our dance workout classes in our studio today. That’s 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join now and get your 15 days free trial. Sexy Dance Fitness Exercise

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