Sexy dance moves can help boost your confidence and spice things up in the bedroom. We’ve got two styles of dance workouts that we’ll be exploring today to get your in the right mood babes.

Learn Sexy Dance Moves

Dance workouts aren’t just for improving your physical fitness, it also helps improve your mental health like boosting your self confidence. After dancing, endorphins fill up your body and makes you feel really good inside and out. The sexy dance moves that we’ll talk about are coming from our Burlesque and Twerk workouts. Burlesque dancing to me is that old school strip tease which exudes poise and confidence. Twerk on the other hand is a little more aggressive, but it’s also very sensual. These two dance workouts can help you feel really good about your body and it can help you feel so much more comfortable in your own skin. I love that you can get strong while learning how to dance sexy and you get Erica and Nicole who are amazing instructors to guide you on that journey. Post your sweaty selfies after doing your sexy dance workouts on instagram! Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Burlesque Dancing

Burlesque dance classes is all about loving the skin you’re in. When you learn a burlesque move, your confidence is super key babe. In this 15 minute workout, you get to work on your strength with Erica and you get to learn moves like the Crawl to release your inner Burlesque dancer. The crawl is easily one of my faves because it’s super low key, but with the right attitude, you can really make it so hot.

Step Your Twerk Game Up

Tone your lower body muscles with twerk dance classes with Nicole. Twerking is a great way to get that inner bad girl out of you one move at a time. This workout goes through basic twerk moves to get your started like the Shuffle Twerk. I think the booty pop will definitely take time to get used to, but when you bust it out you’re going to look so good babe. Practice and get used to the moves and you’ll be a twerk queen in no time.

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Sexy Dance Moves With Burlesque

Now babe, you get to become the burlesque goddess you were born to be. We’ve got the combo of Erica’s choreo with the empowering voice of Jojo and after this, I promise you’ll be able to do anything. Really feel this music and play around with your space and of course, get those leg warmers working for you. The Fan Kick is my jam in this choreography. Long legs, short legs, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about extending your legs and letting them fly.

Fierce & Sexy Twerk Dance Moves

Are you a lady in the streets but a freak in them sheets? This choreography is for you babe. Don’t be afraid of your own twerk game sis. This choreography is fierce and sexy at the same time. Whether you practice it at the gym or in the bedroom, all eyes will definitely be on you babe. Especially, when you master the Push Up Twerk. Oooh babe, take that to the club or your own private room and own it.

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