This is a 2 week total body dance workout program that was designed for you to tone, strengthen and love yourself in the fiercest way possible.

Down and Dirty Program

This one is for all you fierce and unapologetic dance studio members. For the next  2 weeks we’re getting down and dancing to the sexiest workouts in the platform. Don’t be afraid to unleash ALL your feminine strength and power! I grew up in a very conservative family, went to a private catholic school and the idea of sexualization and anything related to it was always thought of as taboo. International Women’s Day is coming up on Sunday and we’re celebrating women’s freedom to choose. Sexualization IS empowering because we have a CHOICE to take part in it. We will be using classes from 3 different types of workouts: Burlesque Burn, Flirty Hip Hop and Tone N Twerk. You will need a yoga mathand weightsresistance bands and a chair with backrest. The KEY is to enhance and empower YOUR confidence in yourself. Your life, your journey, your choice, your dance… YOU’ve got this and we’re ALL here for you.

Program Schedule

We’re working out 6 days a week. Some days are 30 minutes others are 10. Peep the schedule below and let’s ALL slay together!!

Try This Dance Workout

Here’s a little taste of our Blissful Barre workout that you’ll get in this program: Burlesque Burn 2: Basic Instinct.

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