Sexy twerk workouts will keep you warm all winter long. I’ve got at home twerk workouts that will get you sweating without leaving home. So stay warm and shake that booty.

Shake Your Booty

I stay warm in the winter by keeping my fave sexy twerk routines handy. Luckily, it’s easy to access these classes with our online dance studio. Try it for yourself and discover your new favorite way to stay warm. sexy twerk youtube Twerk dancing is about shaking your booty and having fun. This class shouldn’t be taken so seriously because it’s all about fun and boosting confidence, the sexy twerk dance workout is a plus. What I love about this class is that I feel so empowered because I get to use my personal assets and improve them too. When I feel the winter blues, I start a twerk class at home and all the warm and fuzzy feeling flows through my body. Take our how to twerk classes and show off your moves on instagram. Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some booty taps.

Sexy Twerk Workout For Beginners

Start with a little tutorial of basic twerk dance moves from Nicole. I love her personality and how she adds it to the class. The move that gave me the most challenge in this sexy twerk class is the Back It Up Twerk, but now it’s one of my favorite moves.

Step By Step Twerking

This is our studios fave twerk workout because the moves are fun, Nicole makes us laugh and we get to laugh together. In this class, you get to learn the difference between popping your booty to the back and to the front!

Swalla Twerk Choreography

Now that you’ve learned some sexy twerk basics, let’s move on to full choreographies. I like to learn routines by watching the full video first. Then I learn the moves for the verses and then the chorus. I hope that works for you too.

I Like It Twerk Dance

This song always brings me back to summertime and combined with Nicole’s sexy twerk moves, it’s perfection. This twerk dance choreo will definitely keep you warm all through winter like it has with me. So get those booty shorts out and let’s dance!

Twerk Any Time, Stay Sexy Any Season

Did you know, we have over 30 twerk videos available in our online studio? Shake what your mama gave you without leaving your home all year long. Plus, 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. JOIN OUR DANCE WORKOUT STUDIO NOW. sexy twerk with nicole

Try A FREE Tone N Twerk Workout NOW!

Every Tone N Twerk workout starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes. Then loosen up and learn a fun twerk dance that will surely make you feel sexy.

Join us for Beginner Twerk. A 20 minute Tone N Twerk Dance Workout. You will learn how to isolate those glute muscles and get more twerk moves that you can bring with you to the club or just at home. We start with the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk, Pop Back Twerk then end with more advanced moves like the Pushup Twerk. If it’s your first time, don’t worry Nicole Steen will offer modifications. You got this babe and we’re here for you!

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