I see Valentine’s Day as a good excuse to learn some sexy dance choreography for myself and for my special someone. Love is a dangerous game so show it your fierce and sexy side with some of our twerk, burlesque and flirty hip hop choreographies.

Valentine’s Day Dance

Every February 14 – candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of a Saint named Valentine. I for one have never been a big Valentine’s Day celebration kind of gal. I’m not really the type who enjoys going to an overcrowded and expensive restaurant for someone I love to show me that they love me. However, I am a big believer in expressing positive affirmations to loved ones and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for that. The best gifts I’ve given Todd that he has treasured are usually ones that I put some thought into. A few years back I gave him 12 letters to open, one for each day of the month. It was so sweet to see him read it and cherish it. I believe that you don’t always have to give a material gift for Valentine’s Day. One of the things I am planning to do this year is to learn a sexy dance choreography for Todd. There’s something so empowering about performing a sexy dance for your S.O. and since it’s for their eyes only, you can go as wild as your heart  desires! If you’re single, learn a valentine’s day dance for yourself or with your babes because why not? Dancing is so much fun and will make you feel sexy whatever your relationship status is. So…. where to start? Don’t worry girl, I gotchu. I’ve compiled some of our sexiest dance choreographies from Flirty Hip Hop, Burlesque dance & how to twerk. I love being able to learn these routines at home where I’m comfortable and I know I’ll be comfortable performing this to my love or with babes I love!! Show off your Valentine’s day choreographies on instagram with #hsfteam so we can repost them too.

6. Crazy In Love

I mean, you’ll definitely impress your bae when you learn this Flirty Hip Hop choreography. Nothing says love more than this 2003 classic from the power couple Beyoncé & Jay Z! There are lots of hip action to be had and of course, you’ll learn that fierce diva walk we know so well.

5. Beginner Burlesque Choreography

Now let’s dim the lights, take it slow and take it to the floor. I suggest wearing booty shorts and leg warmers for this one babe. I like this routine because it’s easy to learn, works with any song and still so dang sexy! Don’t be afraid of your sexiness babe.

4. Bodak Yellow

I put this in for all my bad boss babes out there. This one’s for us. February is the month of love so let’s focus on loving ourselves too. This is one of my favorite Tone N Twerk choreography because the booty shaking is REAL. Nicole really got the essence of this song and showed it through her moves.

3. I Like It

I say I like it like that. That’s what your sweetie will be saying after they see your twerk moves, girl! We’ve got another Cardi B song that shows off your feminine wants, needs and desires. Own it and feel fempowered.

2. High Heels

Oh queens, this song is just mmmmm. Get ready to crawl around on the floor and really get your feminine prowess on. Did you know that Jojo gave this choreo her stamp of approval? Check it out HERE. PS, this routine doesn’t require high heels.

1. Milkshake

Of course, we have to end this list with a CLASSIC. We all know Kelis & her milkshake, now show off your milkshake that can’t be bought! My favorite move from this routine is the hip circles. It makes me feel very sexy and very feminine.

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