Most of us are going through a difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world. Now, more than ever it’s important that we keep our mind, hearts and bodies healthy.

Social Distance & Dance Workouts

Creating a daily dance habit is a great way to stay grounded and stay positive. Even though most of us have to stay home, we want help you keep dancing. Your daily dance class is NOT cancelled. We’re giving you 7 days of dance workout mixed with cardio and strength. You’ll get to try our Dancehall JamBlissful Barre and Flirty Hip Hop workouts for FREE! When you join our challenge, you’ll be able to dance with strong women like you from all over the world. We might all be far away from each other, but we’re all going through the same situation so let’s get through it together. We’ve got 7 days of dance workouts, daily social distancing tips and healthy recipes to try at home. Challenge starts March 30, 2020  so let’s all practice social distancing and dance together virtually.

Why Join?

  • Daily dance workouts including 5 premium workouts from our dance studio
  • Easy healthy recipes & food guide
  • Daily tips to keep your heart, mind and body healthy at home
  • Accountability and support from other dance tribe members
  • Access to a virtual dance party with babes from ALL over the world

Challenge Details:

1. When does the challenge start?

We’re starting on March 30, 2020! This is a 7 day challenge and we’ll all be doing it together ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

2. Do I need to be a member to join?

NO! You don’t have to be a member. Use your email address and the challenge will be sent right to your inbox.

3. Do I need equipment?

You will need these for strength training: yoga mat, resistance bands, weights and chair with backrest.

4. What if I can’t do the workouts or follow the meal plan?

This challenge is all about YOU babe. Do what you can, if that’s 4 workouts, 2 recipes or all, you’re in control.

5. Will there be a prize?

Absolutely! Everyone who signs up for the 7 Day Social Distance & Dance Challenge will be entered to win a $150 DHVANI activewear shopping spree & a 3 months HSF dance studio subscription.

Let’s stay active at home. I can’t wait to get started on this 7 day challenge with you!

Are you ready to Social Distance & Dance?


We created a list of recipes that are easy to follow and doesn’t need too many ingredients. They’re healthy and will keep you full at home. My favorite is the Cauliflower Soup.

Join now for FREE

You don’t have to be a member of our dance studio to access the plan! So tell all your best babes to join so you can social distance and dance together.