Special Dudes of Hip Shake Fitness is a way to get to know our awesome dancers. These men and women are not afraid to shake it and change the world one dance step at a time. Today we’re meeting Darrelldancer, choreographer, dreamer.

Darrell Wilmore


What is your favorite type of dance?

African dance What song is your guilty pleasure to dance to? Beyonce- Naughty Girl

How often do you dance in a month?

About 25 days out of the month!

What is your favorite indulgence after a dance workout?

A large bottle of water and frozen grapes. (YUM)

If you could vote for anyone to be president of the USA, who would it be?

Obama would be the President for the rest of his life, if I had my way.

How was your Hip Shake Fitness filming experience?

It was fun but very challenging

Darrell Fierce

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