Hi Gorgeous!

One of the things I’m so proud of at Hip Shake Fitness is we have such strong, powerful and amazing woman who lead our dance workouts. I’ve now been working with them for almost a year and I can truly say that I love each and every one of them and enjoy seeing their personalities shine through! NICOLE STEEN a.k.a. #BunsOfSteen is that bad girl you want to have in all your dance parties. She just knows how to throw all my inhibitions out the window! Join her for Flirty Hip Hop and Tone N Twerk! ASHLEY CHATMAN a.k.a. #AbtasticAshley is the sweetheart that everyone wants to be friends with! Her positive energy will motivate you wherever in the world you might be. Workout with her in Old School Hip Hop and Bollywood Abs. ZENINA RASHED a.k.a. #DropAndGiveMeZen is the drill sergeant you need to make sure you keep going event when you just can’t keep those arms up anymore! Get her magic from Dancehall Jam and Afrovibe.

These women give me LIFE!

Yours in dance, Charlene Dipaola, CEO @HipShakeFitness