Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE sweets so doing a sugar free challenge was definitely intimidating for me. It was 7 days of pre-planned meals, berries and empowering workouts that I had to set my mind to. The 7 Day Sugar Free Summer Challenge was difficult but fun at the same time. It was amazing to see how my body would handle this new test and if I would succeed. Today I’ll go through my 7 days during the challenge. I’ll tell you what I ate, how I felt and how I handled the cravings. It really wasn’t easy but I learned a few things about myself and about sugar! For example, did you know that sugar can be sneaky and have many different names, like 50 different names? One of the things we emphasized during the challenge was to read labels carefully. Here’s some of sugars aliases: beet sugar, carob syrup, coconut sugar, corn syrup, dextrin, HFCS, maltol, sucrose and so much more! Whew, that’s a lot of names. Knowing is half the battle babe and this is why reading ingredients label is important.


Yesterday I bought all the food I was going to make and eat so that I didn’t get tempted to buy food for lunch or after work. For lunch, I brought in roasted chicken with a fresh garden salad with a sugar free lemon ginger dressing that I found at the grocery store. This was honestly the easiest day because I┬áreally wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Snacks today included blueberries and strawberries.


It was a pretty busy day at work and my commute is about an hour to and from so I get hungry in the car. I opted for some apples with SuperFat nut butter. Hot tip, when you’re going to eat an apple while driving, make sure to pre cut them to make it easier on yourself. Our dinner today consisted of a protein style burger with a salad and guess what? I couldn’t use ketchup because there’s so much sugar in it!


Most of the workouts for the challenge revolved around twerk dance and it made me feel so empowered everyday which in turn helped make going sugar free easier. Today is also my day off which makes it even harder to stick to a sugar free lifestyle because to be honest, we have a ton of chocolates laying around the house. Which brings me to this next tip… CLEAN UP. Cleaning keeps your mind off the cravings and so after my workout, I decided to clean the house.


Back to work, back to meal prepped lunches. I’m really digging how I don’t have to buy lunch or have to worry about what to eat for lunch at work. Today I bought roasted chicken with a cucumber salad in my sugar free dressing. I’ve noticed that I rediscovered my love for cucumbers during this challenge. I added it to my water with lemon as well which kept me from craving sweets in the middle of the day.


Fridays are usually off days for workouts, but I took my rest day yesterday because I got home late from work and was exhausted. I also work from home on Fridays so I decided to do my workout today to get motivated and less tempted. If I keep myself accountable and keep my body moving then I know I’ll succeed. Another obstacle today is going to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium. There aren’t a lot of sugar free options at ballparks, but luckily we were allowed to bring our own food. So we opted to get a rice bowl (brown rice of course) with steak and veggies.


I think Saturday was THE HARDEST day for me. Day 6 is when all the sugar craving happened and it did not feel great. I used apples and berries to combat my cravings plus I did my workout! Apples with cinnamon was my best friend this whole challenge and to spice it up more, I’d pair it with nut butter. I think this was the only day that I got a headache and I’m not sure if it was from the sugar withdrawal or not.


Sunday funday, last day of the challenge! I tried an almond meal pancake recipe to have a little fun on the last day of the challenge. It turned out pretty well and I topped with it buttered cinnamon apple. Yum! I took my dog to the dog park today too and just marvelled at the wonderful summer day that was in front of me. As a treat meal, my boyfriend and I decided to get ice cream since it was National Ice Cream Day so we went to Dairy Queen to get some blizzards. Babe, it was so sweet that I couldn’t even finish it. Me, the ice cream kween, didn’t finish a small cup of ice cream.

Take Away From The Challenge

From this challenge, I learned that I can do anything! I conquered my sweet tooth and my waist shrank in just 7 days of