Firm up and intensify your workouts with classes that tone your total body! Our newest program, Total Body Tone has a badass barre babe, Diane, as it’s lead trainer. Get ready to tone and sculpt your whole body in just 21 days.

Total Body Tone Program

We created this program for babes who are looking to firm up and intensify your strength workouts. Dance workouts are great for burning calories, but strength training keeps the burn longer. In this program, we’re going to do a LOT of both. The more muscles you have in your body, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day when you’re not exercising. You’ll love the workout selections from this program. Blissful Barre is a barre workout for your home that starts with a mantra that will make your workouts even more fulfilling. Strong and Sexy combines strength training with high intensity cardio moves that will increase your endurance and burn fat. Lastly, Tone N Twerk is one of my personal faves and tones the booty while you learn a fun twerk choreography. I’m so excited for you to try this program out. Diane, Ashley and Nicole are total body goals and their energies are so infectious. You’ll definitely leave their class with a huge smile on your face.

Program Schedule

Every week, we’re focusing on 1 area to strengthen. Week 1 is abs, week 2 arms and week 3 is booty! Sculpt your body from head to toe with us. Peep the schedule below.

Try This Dance Workout

Here’s a little taste of our Blissful Barre workout that you’ll get in this program: Blissful Barre 3: Basic Barre.

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