I grew up in a very Catholic family and fasting is something we observe historically as a religious type of penance. For example, I remember that during the lenten season, Ash Wednesday to easter Sunday, we usually abstain from eating meat on Fridays. Some devotees take this to an even higher level and reduce their food intake on Fridays. The Catholic Church teaches that all people are obliged by God to perform some penance for their sins, and that these acts of penance are both personal and corporeal. The purpose of fasting is spiritual focus, self-discipline, imitation of Christ, and performing penance. When I first heard about the concept of intermittent fasting, it really brought me back to those days when I was growing up in the Philippines and we did these “spiritual” fasts.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

According to wikipedia, intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for various eating diet plans that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting over a defined period. There are 2 methods:
  • Whole day fasting. This means fasting for 24 hours and not fasting for the next 24 hours. This can also be called alternate day modified fasting. Most people who do this will fast for 2 days and not fast for 5 days a week so this is also called 5:2 diet.
  • Time-restricted fasting. This involves eating only during a certain number of hours per day. A very common way to do this is 16:8 which means, you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours a day

Why I Wanted to Try Intermittent Fasting?

Todd  and I have been going through fertility treatments for the last 5 years. I’ve been pretty open about this. I even talk about the process and my PCOS diagnosis HERE. Because of the hormones from various treatments I’ve gained a decent amount of weight and I feel bloated a lot. It’s literally like I’m already pregnant and I’m not.  We’re in between treatments right now so I decided to try intermittent fasting. BTW, If you are going through the fertility struggle yourself feel free to reach out to me on instagram @charlene.dipaola. You’re not alone babe!

My 10-Day Intermittent Fasting Experience

Join me as I go through 10 days of intermittent fasting. I vlogged about it on Youtube!

My Intermittent Fasting Food and Workout Log

Here’s exactly what I ate and when I ate during my fast:

Day 1 – Jan 12, Saturday, Friends Party

  • during fast: Cold brew coffee with almond milk
  • workout: during fast, 30 minutes of Burlesque classes
  • 3:30pm Lunch: Lechon, Broccoli, Caesar salad, Lumpia, Beef brisket, 2 pieces of chips
  • 10:30pm Dinner: Sausage with mashed squash and stir fry veggies
  • 10:51pm: Fast starts again

Day 2 – Jan 13, Sunday, SIL’s Baby Shower

  • during fast: Cold brew coffee with almond milk
  • workout: none
  • 2:30pm Lunch: Sausage quiche no crust Berries Crackers
  • 9:00pm Dinner:  Sinigang salmon
  • 10:00pm: Fast starts again

Day 3 – Jan 14, Monday, Work Day

Day 4 – Jan 15, Tuesday, Work Day

  • during fast: Cold brew with almond milk
  • workout: 30 minutes of Hip Hop dance classes
  • 2:00pm Lunch: Bacon and garlic cauliflower rice topped with egg
  • 5:00pm Snack: Ube butter from Big Boi restaurant with Jilz gluten free crackers , 1 plantain, pumpkin seeds, mangoes.
  • 9:00pm Dinner: Sushi – Salmon Egg Sushi, Ono Sushi, albacore Sushi, Miso soup, salmon sashimi
  • 9:30pm: Fast starts again

Day 5 – Jan 16, Wednesday, Work Day + Chris Cornell Tribute Show

Day 6 – Jan 17, Thursday, Work Day + Tattoo Consultation

Day 7 – Jan 18, Friday, Work Day, Lunch Date

  • during fast: Cold brew with almond milk
  • workout: none
  • 3:00pm Lunch: Steak kimchi and rice
  • 5:00pm Snack: Choco Baby. This is one of my fave Japanese chocolate indulgences
  • 10:00pm Dinner: Garlic cauliflower rice, Blackberries, Almond Coconut milk and Lily’s chocolate chips
  • 11:00pm: Fast starts again

Day 8 – Jan 19, Saturday, Weekend, Dinner w/ Friends

  • during fast: Cold brew with almond milk
  • workout: 30 minutes Twerk dance classes
  • 3:00pm Lunch: Cauliflower rice with bacon garlic and egg
  • 5:00pm Snack: banana
  • 10:30pm Dinner: Nachos Carnitas plate w lots of chips plus 1 margarita and 1 shot of tequila
  • 12:00am: Fast starts again

Day 9 – Jan 20, Sunday, Weekend + Hip Shake Fitness New Year Dinner

  • during fast: Cold brew with almond milk
  • workout: 30 minutes African Dance Workout
  • 4:00pm Lunch: Mediterranean Cauliflower rice with meatballs
  • 5:00pm Snack: Lily’s chocolate
  • 10:30pm Dinner: Pork noodle dish Burrata appetizer Chocolate dessert
  • 12:00am: Fast starts again

Day 10 – Jan 21, Monday, Work Day + Shoot

  • during fast: Cold brew with almond milk
  • workout: 30 minutes of Barre Workout at Home
  • 2:43pm – END of fast

What I Thought About My Experience

I think Intermittent Fasting is good because it’s a simple eating pattern to follow. I fast for 16 hours and then I eat. Then I pick the next time I fast. I personally felt less bloated the whole time. My problem with Intermittent Fasting is I binge. Check out how many snack I would have from Day 4-7! PLUS, when it’s time to eat and I don’t have anything ready, I’ll grab anything that’s in the cupboard, even if it’s potato chips! I personally prefer smaller healthy meals throughout the day.

My Intermittent Fasting Results

I’m sure it’s different for everyone, for me I only lost a pound but I did lose an inch of my waist which was great!
  • Start Weight: 113.6 Chest: 33 1/2 Waist: 32 Butt: 36
  • End weight: 114.2 Chest: 33 1/2 Waist: 31 Butt: 36

I Wanna Hear About Your Experience

Have you tried intermittent fasting before? What type of fasting did you do? Did you eat healthy when you did it? I wanna hear about your experience. Leave me a comment below!

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