We all have an inner vixen and for me, dances workouts help me find her. There’s a slight shift in my confidence when I find a choreography that gives my inner vixen a good workout. It could be Burlesque, Twerk or Hip Hip, when I’m done I feel like a brand new woman. Babe, are you in? Let’s get our vixen workouts on!

My Fave Vixen Workouts

There are a lot of sexy dances that can bring out your inner vixen, but I want to talk about my favorites: Burlesque Burn, Tone N Twerk and Strong and Sexy. These three dance workouts are my go to when I need a little boost of confidence.

Burlesque Dance

Burlesque Burn is one of our newer vixen workouts on our site and is led by Erica. What I love about it is that it lets you take risks on the floor, on a chair and even standing. There are moves in burlesque dance that I might not feel comfortable doing with others around me because I want to make sure I get it perfectly… especially on a chair. The mixture of strength and sultry moves really compliment each other because building strength helps you gain control of your muscles while doing those vixen workouts.

Tone N Twerk Workout

This twerk workout helps sculpt and lift your booty and your confidence. We’re lucky to have the booty queen, Nicole Steen, as our Tone N Twerk instructor because these dances can’t get any sexier than twerk. This is definitely a dance style that’s very intimidating, but again, having it accessible at home can have it’s benefits. I can honestly say that I’ve grown my booty & my confidence just from Tone N Twerk and you can too!

Strong And Sexy Cardio Dance

Strong And Sexy with Ashley combines toning and high intensity cardio dance moves that will make you sweat all your worries away. Like I’ve said before, building muscles is an important part of being a vixen and with this sexy cardio dance, you’ll be targeting different parts of your body and putting them to work. I love Ashley’s positive energy which helps me get through some of the tougher toning workouts in the series. You’ve gotta try it for yourself! Get your vixen workouts anytime, anywhere. All three workouts and so much more are available for you instantly. We are the first virtual dance studio making dance classes accessible for babes all over the world. Check out new workouts on our instagram and tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Revenge Vixen In High Heels

Sexy dance is a dish best served cold ?but these burlesque dance moves are all HOT. Did you know that this choreo got the seal of approval from JoJo herself? It oozes sexiness from the leg warmers to the black clothing to the burlesque crawls. This will definitely get your vixen out babe.

Bodak Yellow Realness

Cardi B herself is a real real sexy dance vixen. She was dancing for a living and now she’s the one making that money rain! It only makes sense that we twerk to her song Bodak Yellow and show off how badass we all are. Twerking is a superpower babe, so use it wisely.

Burlesque Dance To Pony

Saddle up babes, this sultry dance will give Channing Tatum a run for his money! Oh you know what I’m talking about. Erica used Magic Mike as her inspiration for the choreography here. Anyway, this choreography will have you hip thrusting and fan kickin’ like you’ve never done before so own it, queens!

Havana Ooh Na Na

Half of my heart is in Havana and the other half is lovin’ these sexy dances from Ashley. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it just reminds me of summer— dresses, sun shining down and really cute sunglasses! These moves really focus on our feminine prowess like our hips and our legs. So show em off babe.

Seven Rings Dance

Last but not least, we’ve got an anthem to lift up all our female friends and ourselves. Ariana Grande wrote this song to show us that it’s ok to treat yourself, it’s ok to treat your girlfriends. We deserve it! So treat yourself to a sexy chair dance and maybe even get your girlfriends to join you ??

Vixen Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve got more vixen workout for you to try. These are just some of the many dance workouts you can immediately access through our site. We’re your go-to on-demand dance workouts and we’re open 24 hours, 365 days a year! 

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