Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year! So let’s make it even more festive with 12 days of twerkouts. We’ve got the best in the west, Nicole Steen, ready to take you on a Christmas twerk journey. You ready? Let’s pop that booty babe.

Christmas Twerk Dance

Give yourself the gift of twerking babe! There’s nothing more satisfying than getting your booty to pop like never before. Luckily, we’ve got Santa’s favorite twerker Nicole and you’ll learn from her all twelve days! Unleash your inner twerk queen and own it, bootyful. Twerkmas might be my new favorite time of year babes so won’t you come twerk with us this holiday season? Show off your twerk moves with #hipshaker on Instagram. I’ll be checking our twerk list and will give you love.

First day of twerkmas

My true love gave to me, a 5 minute basic twerkout. It’s the best twerk dance 101 tutorial in the planet! I love how Nicole breaks down these moves and really go through each one. Bonus: this is my first twerk workout on our site, checkout the rest of the videos to see my progress ?

Second day of twerkmas

Milkshakes will go around just like your booty with this choreography. Kelis is our girl, this classic song is the perfect jam to get your twerk on after mastering the basics.

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Third day of twerkmas

Little booties unite! It doesn’t matter what size your booty is, your mama gave it to yah so shake it like you mean it. This one on one lesson with the booty queen will change your twerk game babe. I know it changed mine.

Fourth day of twerkmas

Who’s ready for more basic twerk moves? This Christmas I gave you my heart so you should give Shuffle twerk a try and I promise you won’t want to stop. It’s so fun and you’ll want to teach everyone in the fam how to twerk!

Fifth day of twerkmas

Add some gliders to your Christmas list babe because you will want to try this new way of toning your booty. If you want to try it out with a household item first, try a cloth on a smooth surface or use a furniture sliders. Your booty is gonna be SLEIGHING this holiday season.

Sixth day of twerkmas

Today is all about money moves and Cardi B is the Queen of money moves. Bust out those red bottom shoes babe and learn this ultra fierce twerk choreography and make it rain!

Seventh day of twerkmas

Now here’s true love… a 30 minute booty toning workout! Why do we tone first? Because we want to make our glutes stronger and then we loosen it up with our twerk choreography. It’s all about balance babe.

Eight day of twerkmas

Everytime I eat a cookie this holiday season, I make up for it with Donkey Kicks! This booty workout is a killah and it’s all on the floor. Nicole’s booty is so strong, she doesn’t even flinch. #GOALS

Ninth day of twerkmas

Hang out in my living room and get those booty bands ready because Booty Clause is coming to town! I want to be Santa’s lil twerker so I’m going to keep twerking and there’s nothing you can do about it except join me.

Tenth day of twerkmas

Join Nicole and her little twerk elves (I’m one of them) and pop your bootay! Look back at it babe, you’re on day 10 and you’ve got an amazing booty. Show it off and often.

Eleventh day of twerkmas

Booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere thanks to Nicole’s toning workouts. I don’t even know how I survived this twerk workout, it burned so good and it burned sooo real!

Twelfth day of twerkmas

Oooh I like it like that, we’re in the twelfth day of twerkmas and now that you’re a twerk queen, we’re ending it with more Cardi! I think this is my fave Tone N Twerk choreography because it just feels like summer. It’s flirty, fun, fierce and makes you just want to keep dancing!

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