There’s absolutely nothing more perfect for any bachelorette party than doing a twerk dance workout with your best girls! I am so lucky have girlfriends who I’ve known forever and who know things about me that I would NOT divulge with other people. I can be myself and let loose and I know that my gal pals will be there doing the same thing. When that twerk music starts, we’ll be poppin’ our booties shamelessly!

Bachelorette Party Twerk Dance

I remember my bachelorette party back in 2012. Sigh… picture this, New Orleans on a crisp fall day. Lots of good food and lots of dancing!!! Oh man every babe deserves a fun weekend that’s just for girls. Twerk dance classes are perfect for 2 scenarios. When you’re learning at home by yourself or when you’re with women you trust! It can be a bit intimidating especially for small booty babes like me. ?? When I’m with my babes, I feel most like myself and I know they might laugh at my twerk dance but it’s all in the name of fun. There is no judgement! I love our Tone N Twerk series because it combines booty toning workouts with a fun twerk choreography. Plus, Nicole has awesome and positive energy! I love when she says, let’s twerk it or let it go babe! Just for you, I made a compilation of my fave Twerk Dance Choreographies on Youtube! Bookmark this page for your next bachelorette party! Let me know which choreo is your fave in the comments so I can give you some love.

1. Swalla | Jason Derulo

You don’t need firecrackers to make this one pop, babe. I love Jason Derulo songs because they’re so catchy and so fun to dance to. Add twerk to the combination and you’re in for a sure treat. PS: I really love Nicole’s flag pants. They’re so ?

2. Bodak Yellow | Cardi B

Bring our those red bottoms, girl. This is the perfect choreo to get hyped to on girls night in. Cardi B is my spirit animal, okurrr! And Bodak Yellow makes me feel empowered and I want to make Cardi proud by twerking my butt to her hit single.

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3. Milkshake | Kelis

Now THIS is a classic. How many times have you listened to this song and just wanted to show off your milkshake? Plenty for me and now I get to do so with this awesome twerk choreography. Kelis is a dope queen and deserve a good twerk shake!

4. I Like It | Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Back to our Bronx Babe, Cardi. This song is full of summer feels and makes me want to take out my short shorts and twerk by the pool with my unicorn floaty. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Let’s make it happen babe!

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