Have a Christmas party coming up? Learn the best twerk dance moves to show off on the dance floor. Don’t be ashamed of your twerk game babe and pop that booty through the holidays.

Christmas Twerk Dance

When you learn how to twerk with Nicole, everytime you’re on the dance floor you will bust out a twerk move. It’s honestly my fave go to move now because it’s so empowering for me. Christmas will be more merry and bright if everyone twerks on the dancefloor. So I encourage you babes to start a twerk revolution this holiday season and fill it with joy and booty pops. Not only is twerking fun, it’s also a great workout and a great way to boost your happy juice. One of my favorite twerk dance moves is the Side Twerk and you’ll be able to see how to incorporate it to any choreo combo. Ready to twerk with me babe? Check out these twerk moves you can use for your next Christmas party. Get your twerk dance on with Nicole and show off your moves on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love and be part of our twerk team?

Booty Jiggle Twerk

Get in the holiday spirit with some Cardi B and get in that dance floor confidently! My favorite move from this twerk dance choreography is the Booty Jiggle. It starts at minute 1:10 and Nicole wants you to let it jiggle, let it go. I love it because it’s so freeing and it makes you appreciate every part of your body. Jingle your booty all the way through Christmas babes.

Thotiana Twerk Dance

Grab your waist band, raise one hand up and twerk it. The more you pop that booty, the better your Thotiana move will look. This move will rock the dance floor and of course, you can add your own flavor to it. There are a lot of great twerk dance moves in this choreography so take your pick and twerk up a storm.

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Side Twerk

In our how to twerk video, you can learn the breakdown of the Side Twerk. I love this move in this choreography because for me it hypes up the whole song. The Side Twerk is one of those moves that you can literally add to any combo and everyone will love it. It’s easy, it’s sexy and you’re even getting a leg workout. Super win!

Twerk And Walk It Out

Milkshake is such a classic song that I hope they play it at every party, Christmas and not. Then, you can show off this whole twerk choreography. If they dont play this song, break out the Twerk & Walk anyway. The way I practice this twerk move is to start with the booty pop in place and then add then add the arms and then add the walk. You’re welcome.

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