Where my flat booty sisters at? We’re here and we want to twerk and nobody can stop us! Come learn how to twerk with me even with no bootyūüėČ

Flat Booty Twerk Team

Little booties need love too and twerking is here to give it all the love. You don’t need a big booty to get your twerk on, babe. Learning how to twerk is for every booty and I’m here to encourage it. There’s a lot of people who think twerking is exclusively for people with big booties. That is further from the truth and I’m here to show you. I started twerking a few years ago and we launched a beginner twerk video on YouTube and I got a lot of hate for it. I didn’t let the haters get to me so I kept going and now I feel super confident about my body thanks to twerking classes. It’s gotten me out of my comfort zone, in touch with my sexy side and it’s a whole lot of fun. Trying something new is always scary, but I’m here for yah babe and let’s twerk it! Ain’t no shame in that no booty game. All booties can learn how to twerk so¬†show it off¬†on¬†instagram¬†and use¬†#hsfteam¬†and tag us¬†@hipshakefitness¬†on your twerk posts so we can give you some¬†booty taps.

How To Twerk For Flat Booties

Let’s start off with the basics. In this one on one with me and Nicole, you’ll learn the proper posture of twerking. Nicole breaks it down step by step so that everyone can try it at home. The more you practice, the more your body will get used to the movement and then you can twerk faster too.

Step By Step Twerk Moves

Now let’s learn more twerk moves. These moves will really test your endurance and will challenge your lower body. We’re learning the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk and the Booty Back Pop. Nicole will break them down slow and then we’ll try to do in tempo together.

Booty Toning Workout

Just because you have a flat booty, doesn’t mean there’s no muscle in it. The other important part of twerking is toning your glute muscles. It’s important to keep your glutes strong because it helps hold up your upper body and your back. Let me tell you, those Donkey Kicks are a killer ūüĒ•

Toning & Twerking Your Flat Booty

What I love about¬†twerk¬†classes with Nicole is that she makes sure that you get a strong booty and fun moves in one class. She knows the best muscle toning moves to lift and sculpt your booty because she’s our twerk queen! I’ve honestly seen the difference on my end (pun intended!) and I have twerking to thank.

Want More Twerk Classes?

We’ve got over 30¬†twerking¬†classes¬†available in our studio with Nicole. You can¬†have a big booty or a small booty¬†and get an amazing workout in.¬†Learn¬†twerk basics¬†and so much more with our full classes. Plus,¬†200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. JOIN OUR¬†DANCE WORKOUT STUDIO¬†NOW.

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