Learn how to twerk especially side to side with our Booty Queen, Nicole Steen. We’ll master the art of the side twerk together and show off our booty game and gains.

How To Twerk Lessons

Learning how to twerk is easy when you’ve got a teacher like Nicole. She’s so good at breaking down moves in our how to twerk for beginners and her positive energy is infectious. how to twerk with levels Twerking is a fun and unique workout that can help sculpt and lift your glutes. Once you’ve learned the basic twerk moves, you can go on and try other ways of twerking like going from side to side. Working on your booty has so many amazing benefits like improving your posture and it even relieves back pain! How great is that? Learning how to twerk side to side can also improve your coordination and loosen up your hips. It works on your leg muscles and your core, plus, these moves will be a great addition to your go-to moves list. Twerk team assemble on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some peaches?

Basic Side To Side Twerk

Let’s start by adding a little flavor to a basic booty pop. Add a little swing from side to side while popping your booty, it helps to direct your booty to the direction you’re heading. I love rewatching these old videos and seeing my progress from my first time twerking to now!

Side Squat Twerk

We’re breaking down how to do a single and a double squat twerk. This little move will burn your thighs and glutes if you do it long enough. We try to simplify this move so that everyone can do it and feel good about twerking. You’ll find this twerk move in a lot of our classes!

How To Shuffle Twerk

Now let’s learn one of the most fun twerk moves out there, the Shuffle Twerk. I love this move because it’s a feel good move, like a modern version of the twist. Even though it’s a fun move, you’ll feel the burn in your legs, glutes and even your core! Can I just Shuffle Twerk forever?

Knee In Twerk To The Side

Another additional challenge to a basic twerk move is the Knee In Twerk. Similar to the Basic Side Twerk, we’re adding some knee movement to your booty pop. If you want even more of a challenge, see how far down you can squat and for how long. You’ll feel the burn real quick, but the results will be so worth it.

How To Twerk Classes Online Anytime, Anywhere

Learn how to twerk with Nicole at home today. Our Tone N Twerk dance classes start with booty toning and end with a fun twerk routine. This is just one of the dance workouts available in our studio, babe. We’ve got 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join our dance studio today and get a 15 day free trial.

Try A FREE Tone N Twerk Workout NOW!

Every Tone N Twerk workout starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes. Then loosen up and learn a fun twerk dance that will surely make you feel sexy.  Join us for Beginner Twerk. A 20 minute Tone N Twerk Dance Workout. You will learn how to isolate those glute muscles and get more twerk moves that you can bring with you to the club or just at home. We start with the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk, Pop Back Twerk then end with more advanced moves like the Pushup Twerk. If it’s your first time, don’t worry Nicole Steen will offer modifications. You got this babe and we’re here for you! Unlock your FREE Tone N Twerk Dance Workout video today. free dance workout