Want to be the ultimate booty babe and learn how to twerk your way to a stronger booty? Nicole is here to help you tone and twerk that booty and sculpt it to your #bootygoal! ?

How To Twerk

I didn’t know how much I would enjoy twerking, but after one class, I was hooked. Learning all the benefits of twerking and booty focused toning had made it even more enjoyable. Now my go to move is to twerk and owning it!

How To Twerk For Small Butts

Even with a small booty, I’ve loved how Nicole helps sculpt the gluteus maximus. She makes sure that your thighs are strong so you can assume that twerk position for a longer period of time. Nicole also works on your core because to actually engage your lower back muscles, your core needs to be strong! I bet you didn’t know that did you babe? My favorite personal improvement after learning how to twerk is my self confidence and the way I carry myself. Not only do I feel fierce and sexy, I have a whole new pep to my step, pop to my booty and a huge grin on my face! There’s something about a great workout that engages your whole body and even your emotions that makes a BIG difference. Are you ready to be part of our twerk team? Let’s get it, bootylicious! Tone N Twerk with Nicole Steen starts with a toning workout focused on your lower body and ends in a super fun twerk choreography. I promise, you’ll feel like booty goals after taking this class ? See what’s new with Tone N Twerk on our instagram with #hipshaker! Tag us and we’ll give you some love too babe ?

1. Standing Butt Workout

Tighten that booty with squats and lunges. Nicole will show you how she got her Buns of Steen™️ and I promise you, it’s just five minute, but it will make you sweat so much! Add ankle weights if you want more of a challenge.

2. Booty Workout with Resistance Bands

Ooh booty bands, where you at? We’re headed to the beach and we’re bringing our bands! Donkey kick your way to a stronger booty and you will feel the burn right in between when your thigh and butt meet. It’s a good good burn that will work your booty muscles real good.

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3. Tone with Gliders

Here’s another toning workout that uses a nifty equipment: gliders! Don’t worry, if you don’t own gliders and you’re hesitant to buy right now, wear socks or use a table napkin. Make sure you only put the top half of your foot on the glider to make it easier and effective. These gliders are great because it increases your mobility and works on muscles that you don’t normally use.

4. Loosen Up With A Twerk Dance

It’s important to tone our booty muscles, but it’s just as important to loosen them up too. What better way to get loose than with a twerk dance routine to Milkshake by Kelis?! Bring them boys to the yard and let them see those shakes babe!

5. Go Out with A Bang

Got one more twerk in yah? This is one of my faves that I did with Nicole because it was both challenging and fun. Of course, you can always, always repeat the video if there’s a move you want to master. Shimmy shimmy yah babes.

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