Hello Boss Babe, you deserve a workout that’s as fierce and as fiery as you. This is where twerk workouts come in, it will sculpt and tone your total body and you get to learn a fun dance at the same time. You ready to twerk it out?

Twerk Workouts For Everyone

I believe that everyone can dance and therefore, everyone CAN twerk. It’s all a state of mind in my opinion. Of course some babes like Nicole Steen, are wired to do it waaay better than others but it’s really just about having fun. Twerking is actually such a great workout because squats are the foundation of the movements. So all you boss babes should definitely try out a twerk workout. I promise you will feel empowered ??? Twerk workouts hold a very special place in my heart. Check out this video where I first learned how to twerk, brush of the haters and increase my self confidence. It’s not just a dance style, it’s a total body workout and a mood booster too. For me, I feel like I can conquer anything after a good twerk and toning session. Since the main foundation of twerk is a squat, you’re really engaging your lower back muscles, leg muscles and even your core muscles while having fun doing a twerk routine. We’ve got online twerk workouts waiting for every kind of boss babe and I’ve compiled some of my fave examples below. Happy twerking! We want to see you slay our twerk workouts. Show them off on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Beginner Booty Twerk Workout

Here’s one for my beginner booties out there that want to learn some basic twerk moves. This twerk workout with Nicole is easy to follow and good to repeat over and over again. If you’re a beginner, take it slow and don’t be afraid to hit the rewind button so you can get used to the moves. For me, doing the Up Down Twerk fast was the hardest, but with practice it got easier.

Hip Hop Booty Twerk Workout

If you love hip hop and want to incorporate twerk to your workout, this Mi fitness video will be your jam. The warm up alone includes poppin’ your booty to some hip hop beats. I love the combination of strength and twerking because booty popping is no joke. I think my favorite is the point and twerk combo because it’s just so much fun!

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Fit Chick Twerk Workout

Now here’s something for my babes who want a really really good total body workout. Nicole will start you off with a toning exercise that will seriously make you sweat. I’m talking lunges with weights babe, I’m already sweating just thinking about it. Then, learn a twerk choreography  with moves like the circle booty pop and so much more.

Ready To Bust Down Twerk Workout

Bust down Thotiana, I know you’re ready. If you want to get down and dirty with some twerk choreography, this one’s for you. This song got popular because of the Thotiana dance challenge that everyone started doing it. Well, we added our own little twerk twist to the challenge and made a whole choreography for everyone to try out. Watch out for the classic Thotiana move.

Hardcore Twerk Dance Workout

If you’ve never tried any of JJ’s dance workouts, you should sit first and watch the video below. Now that you’ve experienced JJ, you’re ready for that hardcore booty twerk workout! She kills it with this Rake It Up choreography that’s so badass and heart racing. Don’t worry babe, I’m still trying to perfect that leg kick too.

Try A Twerk Workout Online Anytime, Anywhere

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