Want a fun and fast choreography? Zen’s here with Afrovibe and you know she’s going to make you sweat with just one song. If this is your first experience with African dance, you’re in good hands. So come vibe with us today.

African Dance With Zen

I’m so happy that Afrovibe is in our platform and that we can dance with Zen too. Afrovibe is a dance workout that mixes cardio dance with muscle toning. The moves are based on African dance moves which focuses on squats and improving your standing strength. This is such a great dance party, it improves your flexibility and tones your muscles while having all the fun!

The first time I saw Zen’s choreography, I couldn’t wait to launch it so I could dance to it. It’s so different from most classes out there and once you start, you won’t want to stop. This Shekini choreography is perfect for beginners or dancers who want to try African dance. It’s nonstop from beginning to end and you learn moves like Dig and Stir It Up while going down low. It’s such a great total body workout that you can do over and over again. Afrovibe has become one of my go to’s when I need a total body toning because I know I’m going to sweat and I know Zen will make it a fun workout. Let me know what other song you want us to choreograph on the comments below. Show off your moves on instagram with #hipshaker so we can give you some love.

Shekini African Dance Choreography

Get the full Shekini choreography here. And get more Afrovibe workouts when you become a dance studio member today!

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