Burlesque dancing has been part of my fitness routine for a few years now. I even took classes when I was pregnant and loved feeling feminine. I know you’ll love adding this class to your routine too.

The Power Of Burlesque Dance

Dancing is a powerful tool that you can use to boost your confidence, get energized and feel great in general. Burlesque can do that plus make you proud of your curves, legs, booty and your femininity. burlesque dancing power When I was pregnant, I loved taking a Burlesque class with Erica to get my sexy back. She knows how to strengthen your body and how to make it feel goddess-like. There’s something so satisfying about hitting feminine moves after finishing a challenging strength circuit and that’s what makes our burlesque workouts so different. The energy in Erica’s workouts are full of strong vibes and sexy feminine prowess. So let me show you four of my fave videos from our burlesque class and I can’t wait for you to love it like I do. We want to see your moves instagram! Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

Basic Burlesque Dance Moves

Let’s start with the basics with Erica. She will break down 6 moves for you to master and then she’ll show you how to put them all together. At the end of the video, you’ll have moves in your back pocket that you can pull out anytime you need to show off that femme fatale realness.

Chair Dancing

Grab a chair with backrest and make it your throne. Your dance throne. In this class you’ll learn how to do the Champagne Flute and Martini Glass. Two classic drinks and moves that will help you with flexibility and give you a confidence boost. Babe, it doesn’t matter how high you can put your leg up, it’s all in the attitude.

Boudoir Burlesque Dance

This is for my sleepy queens. Try a boudoir dance without leaving your bed and bedroom. Change up the scenery by dancing on your bed. The combo of Stuck With You by Ariana and Justin perfectly compliments Erica’s hot hot choreography. Learn this routine for yourself or for your partner and watch the temperature rise.

Beginner Burlesque Choreography

Last but not least, a good ol’ fashioned burlesque choreography. I love this routine because there is so much freedom to make it your own. It’s always fun to add your own flavor to the mix and once you master this choreography, you will be unstoppable. Plus, wait for the surprise trick at the end!

Burlesque Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

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Burlesque Burn combines the control and stamina of Pilates with the sexy theatrics of Burlesque. We start each class with pilates based toning workouts and end with a flirty and fun choreography. You’re gonna feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Join us for Burlesque Booty. A 20 minute Burlesque Burn Workout. Level up your booty gains with Erica and your resistance bands. She’ll go through moves that will really sculpt your glutes and then some. Then, get a good stretch and learn how to do 2 fun and sexy chair tricks. Unlock your FREE Burlesque Burn Dance Workout video today. free dance workout