A better booty is just around the corner, cutie! You don’t need big and heavy equipment to workout your booty. All you need are your trusty resistance bands and watch the magic happen.

How Do You Workout Your Booty?

I used to not focus my workout on my glutes because I didn’t think it mattered that much. After taking classes with Nicole and learning how to twerk, I realized that a strong booty is essential for the whole body. The best part is that you don’t need fancy equipment to work on that cute butt, just good ol resistance bands. Every part of your body is beautiful and important, especially your booty. There are so many amazing benefits to working out your seat like improving your posture. Do you sit all day at work? I sure do, but with strong glutes your core is better off and you actually stretch your hips and booty when you work it out too. Another wonderful benefit of having strong glutes is to help with pain management especially with the lower back. Twerking is all in the lower back and when you build those muscles you’ll realize that your back pain will lessen and you can take on the whole world! It’s even better when you’ve got bands to help you out. Challenge yourself each time you workout, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger after each donkey kick and squat and your booty will thank you. Tone N Twerk starts with booty focused workouts and ends in a super fun twerk dance! Nicole is your girl, she’s got your back and she’ll help sculpt it too. See what’s new with Tone N Twerk on our instagram with #hipshaker! Tag us and we’ll give you some love too babe ?

Booty Workouts With Resistance Bands & Twerk Dance

Resistance bands are so easy to use babe, they’re portable and they work wonders. We’ve got the perfect diva to help you use those bands and command them booty gains.

1. Workout Your Glutes

Squat your way to your perfect booty with Nicole. I think my favorite part of this workout are the thigh presses. They look like the butterfly move but more of a challenge because of the bands.

2. Booty Workout At The Beach

Have you ever worked out at the beach? It’s so freeing, smells awesome and you get natural wind in your hair. If you can’t get to the beach, we’ve got a beach workout that will transport you to the sands. Get ready for some donkey kicks and toe taps, it’s gonna burn baby burn.

3. 30 Minute Toning Plus Twerk Workout

Now you’ve got a taste of the toning section of Tone N Twerk, here’s a full 30 minute workout that will make you sweat and bootylicious, baby. The Jane Fonda clam shells will have your thighs shaking, just like your booty in the twerk routine. I’m so excited for you to get a taste of this twerk masterpiece.

4. Step By Step Twerk Dance

You’ve built the muscles on your glutes now let them loose and shake em! This is a touch above basic twerk, but it’s still a good place to start your twerk dance journey. So go on girl, let them jiggle.

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