It’s important to keep a zero waste lifestyle to help our planet continue to grow. I’ve got tips for all you meal preppers out there to make sure that your kitchen accessories are zero waste and eco friendly! Let’s work together to help clean our precious planet.

Zero Waste Meal Prep

Do you meal prep every week? It usually takes me about 2 hours of cooking to get me set for my weeks meals. I love it because I don’t have to worry about making my meals during the week. I can just grab it and go. Meal prepping comes with responsibilities though. As much as I love how trendy meal prepping has become, I’ve also seen a lot of people who aren’t mindful about the planet when they meal prep. They use single serving containers or LOTS of plastic bags for their snacks. We’re all working to keep our bodies healthier so we can live longer and that’s great, but what’s the point of all that if we’re killing the earth with single use plastics? So I want to talk about how we can reduce our waste while we meal prep! I’ve got 5 easy tips that will help you be the master of zero waste meal prep. Checkout my meal prep game on instagram. Tag us @hipshakefitness and share you zero waste meal prep tips so we can give you some love!

5 Easy Zero Waste Tips

1. Reusable Meal Prep Containers

Rubbermaid makes awesome stackable food containers. It’s stacks perfectly in the fridge with food and even more compact inside the cabinet for storage. Buy them HERE.

2. Glass Jars

Everytime I buy stuff at the grocery store, I look for a glass jar option. I use it to make overnight oats, store my broths or different ingredients in my pantry. I love the aesthetic of a clear glass so it’s easy to see what’s inside too.

3. Silicone Food Bags

One of the most wasteful products we have all bought are Ziplock bags. Plastic is forever so these baggies stick around a while and unfortunately, they will most likely end up in the ocean. So a simple solution is to use silicone food bags like these from Stasher. They’ll save you money in the long run and save the environment too.

4. Beeswax Food Wrap

Speaking of plastic, let’s talk plastic wrap. Did you know that there are more sustainable and natural ways to wrap your leftovers? Say bye bye to plastic cling wrap and hello to beeswax food wrap. You use your natural warmth to soften the wrap and cover any bowl or wrap your cheese, cool right?

5. Reusable Straw

My new favorite travel buddy is my portable, collapsable, reusable straw. I love it because I get to sip my favorite drinks without needing a single use plastic like a straw. It comes in different colors and comes with a brush for an easy clean. Get yours HERE.

Zero Waste Kitchen Tips | How To Reduce Waste While You Meal Prep

Check out my youtube video where I share tips about making your kitchen closer to zero waste. Do you have a tip I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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