What is KPop Dance? Short for Korean Pop, this genre incorporates hip hop and jazz grooves to create a very fun and spunky dance style. KPop is still a pretty niche category, but more and more people have been venturing in this dance style. I personally loved it the first time I tried a KPop dance workout with Ally. It’s different and fun and spunky. It’s very empowering.

Facebook Live

I love working out with all of you virtually and that’s why we love doing Facebook live workouts. We do them at least once a month and if you’d like to get updates and invites to our events, follow our page today! This workout was filmed in Manhattan Beach on February 22, 2018 at 9:00am PST.

Why I Love KPop Dance Workout

KPop Dance Party is a very special type of dance workout because Ally molds it to be very femme and choreography based. She breaks down moves that you don’t really see in most dance workout classes and incorporates it in her class. I love the use of the whole body in each class, even if the move focuses on one body part, there’s usually something else for the other half of your body to do. Jazz funk style really compliments hip hop because it makes it a little more feminine and fluid. Ally adds a lot of body rolls too and I LOVE when she isolates it and really breaks it down for me. The final product is one thing, but learning the process is where it gets really fun for me. I hope you enjoy this KPop Dance Party workout as much as I did!

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