I grew up in Asia and African dance is not very common there. When I first tried an African dance class, I was at a loss. Good thing I had a really good instructor. Zen Nina is a master Afro Dance trainer. She has tons of available on demand dance workouts on our platform. Zen has helped me break down some basic African dance moves so you too can learn it.

What is Afro Dance and Sculpt?

Afro Dance and Sculpt is a fun and exciting way to burn calories. This dance workout uses African dance techniques that uses all your muscles and it even helps improve flexibility and strength. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’m exercising when I take an Afro Dance class, but I end up super sweaty after and feeling so good!

Side to Side Step

The first move you’ll learn from our Afro Dance and Sculpt, is the Side to Side Step. This combines stepping from side to side while you squat and move your arms. This seems like an easy Afro Dance move, but the more reps and the lower your squat goes, the more calories you burn, baby!

Knee in with Arms + Chest

This is a combination move. The first part of the move is the ‘knee in’ and for this you will also squat and move one knee at a time towards the opposite knee. The second part of the Afro Dance move is raising both arms like calling a touchdown and then lowering it while pumping your chest up and down. Practice makes perfect for this African Dance, get the rhythm and the moves will come naturally.

Hip Rotation + Push Back

It’s all in the hips. This is a fun African Dance move that uses the whole body. You lead with your legs and hips and do a sexy little hip roll and then get aggressive with a jump up and push those arms back. I love the contrast of this African Dance because the first half is almost sensual and the second half is so hard that it lets you get creative with your own flavor.

5 Min African Dance Fitness

Now you’ve learned a few moves, try our African dance fitness class. Zen will have you moving the whole time and sweating, but you won’t feel like you’re working out. You’ll feel like you’re having a dance party right at home. The live beats from Indigo will transport you to a whole new vibe that you never knew you needed. Join Grace & Darrel and get your dance on.

African Dance Moves Anytime, Anywhere!

Afrovibe is just one of the hundreds of dance classes available in our online dance workout studio. We are an inclusive and supportive community of women who are on a journey to get fit through dance.

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Afro Dance And Sculpt is an Afrocentric dance workout that combines muscle toning and cardio dance training. This workout can improve your flexibility and strength while having a dance party in your own living room. Afro Dance And Sculpt is great if you are a beginner and want to try Afro dance workouts. It will put a smile on your face and give you a great workout so let’s get ready to dance! Unlock your FREE Afro Dance & Sculpt workout video today. free dance workout