We’ve got an incredible total body workout for you from our Blissful Barre live pop-up class with Diane Numark! She will workout your arms, legs, abs and booty all in one class. Sound good to you? Let’s barre, babe.

Barre Fitness Online

We love barre and we’re so lucky to have it and Diane on our platform, but sometimes technology can be finicky. This live stream was shot on April 13, 2018 at Fit On Studios in Manhattan Beach. Two things to note before your workout, our feed cut off during warm ups so your video will jump a little before minute 3. And in the middle, we had bandwidth issues so after doing Clam Shells on one side, we’ll have an image card and cut to the next part of the workout. Other than that, grab your mat and weights and band and get rockin’!

Barre Equipment

Blissful Barre Pop Up Live

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