What is Bollywood Dance Workout?

Bollywood dance workout is a combination of various traditional and modern Indian dance forms with a little hint of other dance forms like Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin dance. It is a fusion dance form so there are no hard and fast rules. You can mix and match the moves. Just feel the beat and dance along. It is a full-body cardio workout, and you get to have fun! Win-win!
Do you know you can lose more than 500 – 600 calories in a 60 minute Bollywood dance workout?

My love for Bollywood

Being born and brought up in India, I have always loved Bollywood movies, dance, & songs. They are infectious in terms of energizing the spirit. Even Simon from Britain’s got talent could not escape the beats of Bhangra (most energetic Bollywood dance form). I missed the connection with Bollywood after moving to the USA. I decided to join a Bollywood dance workout class, however, it’s difficult to find a Bollywood dance class near my place in (west) Los Angeles. Finally, I decided to find videos online so that I could dance at home. I tried a bunch of the videos online and listed out the pro’s and con’s for you.

Bollywood Workout Videos

10 Minute Dance Workout

Get your bollywood groove on with this 10 mins dance workout of Bombay Jam. It has two cardio routines, Hip-Hop and Bhangra style.

What I like:

  • Before the workout, Janani Chalaka shows the moves in a simple, easy to follow way.
  • All the moves are quite common in bollywood workouts/dances, so if you like dancing to bollywood tunes you will get many chances to show off these moves.

What it lacks:

  • Very short workout. If you want a complete workout, you have to repeat it 2-3 times.
If  you enjoyed working out to this video, you can watch more Bombay Jam videos on their YouTube channel or buy their DVDs online. bollywood-abs-ad

20 Minute Dance Workout

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Bhangra or just looking for a workout to raise your heart rate, this Bhangra inspired workout from Pungra Fit is perfect for it.

What I like:

  • It is a super simplified version of the dance, so easy to do even if you are not used to normal bhangra steps.
  • The instructor is really high energy
  • It has 3 levels, slow, fast, faster. They keep changing the workout pace which gives you time to regroup yourself without stopping.

What it lacks:

  • The instructions are not very clear.
  • Lacks coordination, everyone seems to be following their different steps.
  • It has more aerobic steps than bhangra moves.

30 Minute Dance Workout

30 minutes of dance aerobic workout by Bipasha Basu, an Indian actress and super model.

What I like:

  • The workout is a hybrid of aerobic steps with Bollywood style, e.g. Shimmy clap, Grapevine. This makes this intense workout feel like a fun dance routine.
  • Instructions are very clear (voiceover). Also a small box on the lower left side shows which step you are doing and gives you a heads-up approx. 5 sec before introducing the step.
  • Steps are introduced one by one, so you can practice them before starting to pull it all together in a dance routine.
  • A well-balanced workout for building stamina and toning arms & abs.

What it lacks:

  • I cannot do the same workout again and again, it gets boring. So I find the price of DVDs a little on the higher side for few times of usage.
You can buy Bipasha Basu’s dance DVD on Amazon.

60 Minute Dance Workout

A fun, sexy dance workout, to the tune of bhangra music by Hemalayaa. It has few different segments, basically for warm-up, workout & cool down.

What I like:

  • The steps were easy and very well explained. My non-Indian roommate (who was working out with me) said this as the best workout of all four workouts in this article. She liked that the dancers kept going back to the same steps after a new step, it was easy for her to master the steps and she did not feel like she was missing the steps.
  • The workout is properly structured, with warm-up & cool-down segments. I did not have to do stretching separately, it was a part of the workout.

What it lacks:

  • It was a little slow and over sexy for my taste. But as I already explained that my non-indian roommate really liked it, so that’s a personal preference.
  • Difficult to do this dance with shoes on, but little tricky to do few steps without shoes if you are not used to it.
Hemalayaa has a full DVD series on Bollywood and Belly dance workouts. You can buy them online here.

My Fave Bollywood Workout Online

Of all the workouts I tried, the 20-minute workout by Pungra Fit was my favorite.   I hope you enjoy these workouts as much as I did. Don’t loose heart if you can’t dance along the very first time. If you are not used to Bollywood steps it might take you some time to get a hang of the steps.   Let us know what your fave is and if you have other Bollywood Inspired videos you love more!  

Bollywood Abs

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