Have you ever wanted to be in a Broadway musical? To be in a Broadway musical one of the things you need to know how to do is DANCE. I looked around YouTube to give you the best Broadway dance tutorials I could find. Get your jazz shoes ready and take a little trip with me to Broadway.

Broadway Dance Basics

This video is a good introduction to the style of Broadway. There’s a good combination of arms and leg movements and Stuart Bishop breaks the choreography down into five different sections.

Hairspray: You Can’t Stop The Beat

This tutorial comes from the UK tour of Hairspray the musical. What I love about this Broadway dance tutorial is the energy from the dancers in the video. It’s hard not to dance to the songs from Hairspray in general and once you learn the choreography from the actual show, you’ll want to dance it over and over again!

The Lion King: He Lives In You

One of the most iconic musicals to date is The Lion King. Full of vibrant costumes, backgrounds and amazing dance numbers. In this video, you get to learn choreography for the song He Lives In You. It involves a lot of balancing and kicks which doubles as a great cardio workout. If you can’t kick your leg as high as these dancers, don’t sweat it, do your best impression of a graceful giraffe and have fun.

Greased Lightning Dance Fitness

Grease is the word, is the word that you heard. Here’s a fun Broadway fitness dance video that you can get loose to. Grease has such great songs to dance to and I’m sure you’ve encountered it in one dance class or another. You can’t really stop your hips from moving when Greased Lightning comes on and the ladies in this video from Jenny Lynne’s class are no exception.

Hamilton Dance Workout

Now you can workout to the Broadway smash hit Hamilton! This is an easy and fun total body workout to the songs of Hamilton. I love Kyra’s energy for this workout because it really makes you want to move. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you sing a long while you workout. I heard you burn more calories that way 😉

You’re a Broadway Star baby!

How’d you like those Broadway tutorials? I hope you enjoyed your little trip to Broadway and keep working on those leg kicks and I’ll see you on the Broadway stage!

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