Are you looking for a new dance class to try this year? Let your inner sexy goddess shine with Burlesque dance classes! I’ve compiled a list of different types of burlesque dance for you to try at home. Let’s kickstart this new year dancing together.

Burlesque Dance Classes At Home

I know it can be daunting to try a new class in public especially when it’s as vulnerable as burlesque dance. Babe, we’re here to give you a little push in the right direction so you can live your best burlesque queen life! We’ve got burlesque dance classes that you can try right at home so you can get sexy and fierce in a safe space. The first time I tried a burlesque dance class, I felt very out of place because most of the ladies in the class weren’t beginners. As the class went on and I saw how much self love there was in the room, I started to feel more comfortable and willing to take risks. What I love about burlesque dancing is how much you get in touch with your body. There’s a lot of poise and stamina to these moves and you really have to vibe with your body so that you don’t hurt yourself. Another reason I fell in love with burlesque dance is the confidence it gives me during and after a class. I end up loving my body even more and feeling sassy and ready to take on the world. Are you ready to try burlesque dance classes for yourself? Let’s do it goddesses! Show off your burlesque dance moves on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Beginner Burlesque Dance Class

Let’s start with an easy burlesque choreography that will ease you into what burlesque is all about. You’ll start with a little turn and leg flick that you’ll be able to add to your dance moves. My favorite move from this class is the Arch Back and Swirl. As a short girl, I love any move that makes me feel tall and leggy and this move definitely helps with that. You can add your flavor to all of these moves and never be ashamed of hitting that replay button babe. You’re learning a new dance style and practice makes perfect.

Goddess Burlesque Dance Choreography

Now that you’re a little more comfortable with burlesque dancing, let’s get into a full choreography. This choreography repeats so if you didn’t get it the first time around, you’ve got plenty of chances to perfect it. My personal fave move from this dance are the Goddess Legs. I just love how they look and how sexy it feels when you do this move. I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up for my workout so to get into this burlesque choreo, I suggest grabbing some fish nets and warmies so you can look like this sexy squad.

Sexy Heels Burlesque Dance Tutorial

Now let’s try something with heels, shall we? Start with little heels first so you can get the choreography in your body and not have to worry about balancing too much. I like this video because Dana takes her time with the movements and there’s no music so you can add this to any song you want to dance too. I really like the squat phrase that they teach here because it’s a great combo of sexiness and strength. It took a few tries to really get in the groove, but like I’ve said before, replay as much as you want to really get the moves down.

Burlesque Chair Choreography

Grab your throne and let’s have more fun! Just like her other choreographies, these moves repeat so you’ll have a lot of tries to perfect your burlesque chair tricks. I love the drop move and the fan kick in this choreography. I know the drop might look a little scary, but trust me babe, your chair isn’t going anywhere so have fun with it and let go! I think this would be a really fun choreo to learn with your girlfriends, especially since the song 7 Rings is about spoiling your babes. Own your throne babes, you’re a burlesque queen now!

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