Jacqui Wong

So excited to introduce our newest Hip Shake Fitness instructor, Jacqui Wong. She will be teaching our Belly Dance series that we will start shooting this weekend! She is also a professional photographer and has graced many magazine pages and covers.

What age did you start dancing?

At age 5 I took ballet and tap dance until about age 8. And 10 years ago I got into Belly Dancing by accident.

What do you love about Belly Dancing?

There’s so much to love about Belly Dancing. I find so much joy in dancing and always learning. There are so many styles and it’s so rich in history. Jacqui purple

Do you have any dancer role models?

There are so many amazing dancers who inspire me within Belly Dance and outside of Belly Dance. My teachers I currently study with, Samia, Mesmera, Janelle and Didi have all been such tremendous teachers and supporters in addition to being my role models. I have great admiration for the work and work ethic of my choreographer friend Raiford Rogers.

Have you had any challenging moments with dance that you can share? If so, how did you overcome that challenge?

When something challenging comes up for dance, I work my way through it. Learn the foundations. Then you drill it, keep doing it until your body learns it. Sometimes I think too much and it throws me off.

What is your choreography process?

First, I start by finding a song that inspires me or I have fun with. From there it’s about telling a story with dance. Having a beginning, middle, some sub plots and a conclusion. And of course, I have to add some glitter and flair!

Many young dancers worry about their body types. What are your thoughts on body types in the world of dance?

We are all dancers of different shapes and sizes. Embrace yourself and who you are. It’s best to be healthy and have a healthy mindset about body image.

We are all dancers of different shapes and sizes. Embrace yourself and who you are.

What are you go-to snacks before or after a workout?

I’m an admitted foodie so I like to eat. Lately my pre and post workout snacks are marcona almonds, string cheese and peaches.

What song is your guilty pleasure to dance to?

Worth It by Fifth Harmony is sassy and fun. I might even sing it in the car from time to time.

What’s your perfect pizza?

I really like pizza. I don’t think I’ve found pizza I don’t like. But I’ve gotten healthier recently and have been eating pizza with buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and grilled eggplant instead of pepperoni.

Bonus Belly dancer with snake photo #badass

Stay tuned for our Belly Dance workout series with Jacqui. We’ll also be shooting a quick tutorial dance video that will be available on our YouTube page, so hit that subscribe button. Jacqui with snake