Have you ever wanted to try barre, but the pressure of going to a barre workout studio kept you away? Now you can do barre without leaving the house! Our new series, Blissful Barre with Diane Numark will make it easy for anyone to try a barre workout at home, at their own time and pace.

Blissful Barre Workout

Why blissful? Our instructor, Diane, provides great happiness with her encouraging words throughout each class. She is so good at motivating even through the screen and believe us, she’ll work you out as well. She’s a mom of two, barre babe and a total inspiration. So grab a chair with backrest, a yoga mat and a set of weights (love the color options here) and let’s get this barre workout started.

15 Minute Chair Barre Workout At Home

This 15 minute barre workout is the perfect addition to your cardio routine. It’s a total body workout and all you need is a chair, a mat and a set of weights. Get ready for a rockin’ barre workout at home!

Moves List

  • Arm Push
  • Squat Pulls
  • Hinge Forward Pulses
  • Chair Plank with Tuck
  • Chair Plank with Heel Pedals
  • Arm Squeezes
  • Arm Circles
  • Arms Rotations
  • Arm Pulls
  • Bicep Squeeze in Plie
  • Arm Reaches
  • Bend Reach
  • Chair Leg Stretches
  • Leg Pulses Variation
  • Hip Rocks
  • Chair Rises with Pulse
  • Chair Tuck and Squeeze
  • Toe Points
  • Leg Circles
  • Chair Lunges
  • Chest Lift
  • Curl with Twist

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