The best way to find dance fitness choreography to learn is through YouTube! It’s accessible, there’s a lot of songs to choose from and you can repeat it over and over again. It’s one of the best ways to get a good workout in at home and on a budget. There are so many dance fitness choreographies out there so I narrowed down some of the most popular ones right from the YouTube search box.

Dance Fitness Choreography

Workouts are more enjoyable when you know the song and you can sing-a-long, right? I find myself going online and heading straight to YouTube after I hear a new song that I really want to dance to. And BOOM, just like that, I find the choreography! It’s really an amazing what technology can do and how it can connect people from different parts of the world through their common ground- DANCE. Check out these popular dance fitness choreographies from YouTube that I compiled for you!Did you fave make the list? Let me know and add it in the comments below. Happy dancing!

1. Fitness Marshall Me Too Choreography

Of course, we’re starting with the one and only Fitness Marshall! I LOVE his choreo videos because he has so much energy and he makes all the moves relatable. You definitely don’t need a background in dance to do all of his moves.

2. Blissful Barre Tip Toe Choreography

I can’t get enough of barre and this might be one of my new fave choreography. Diane created this dance and even though it is jam packed with moves, it’s also oh so fun. Hit that replay button and shake somethin’ when you tip toe, babe.

3. Zumba Dura Choreography

I have no idea what Daddy Yankee is saying, but my body is feelin’ it! I really love the hard hitting moves when the drums hit and this song gets stuck in my head sooo quick, but that’s ok because now I have the moves to go with it.

4. Tone N Twerk Bodak Yellow Choreography

I HAVE to add our Booty Queen, Nicole in the mix, how can I not? It’s twerk and I know everyone secretly wants to learn how to twerk. And what better song than Cardi B’s ultimate hit Bodak Yellow. You’re going to be twerking up a storm and I’m so excited for you!🍑

More Dance Fitness Choreography

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