Heels can be intimidating for some ladies and add dancing to it can be even more daunting. I’m here to tell you that you should definitely try learning these sexy dance moves with heels today. You’ll feel empowered and ready to take on the world.

Sexy Dance Moves In Heels

There’s something about a woman who can move with confidence in heels. It catches everyone’s attention and makes a lasting impression. I never thought I’d be one to enjoy sexy dance moves because I love the ferocity of hip hop and Capoeira. Dancing in heels is not something I thought I would absolutely love. Once I took my first heels class, I was hooked. We booked a dance shoot with Kaleila and she suggested to start with wedges for first timers. I made sure to practice a lot before the day of the production and I’m so proud of myself for working hard and dancing in heels. I love the challenge that heels adds to dance workouts because you don’t just get a killer calf workout, you get a core workout too. For me, not only did it help with my balance, it also lifted my confidence and enhanced my femininity. Are you ready to try sexy dance moves in heels? I promise you babe, you’re going to love it. Show off your sexy dance moves in heels on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love

How To Dance Sexy In Heels

Let’s start with the basics. In this video, Kaleila will teach you moves that will help with your balance and get you used to dancing in heels. If you ever thought that heels dancing is not a workout, this class will definitely change that mindset. You’ll be able to work on your legs and core while feelin’ sexy too.

Sexy Heels Dance Routine For Beginners

Cassey will teach you a routine that combines standing and floor work in heels. I love that she breaks down the routine by section so you can repeat it as many times as you need to. At the end, you’ll go through the routine with music and with counts then you can go on and slay it on your own!

Heels Choreography

Yummy by Justin Bieber

Want a little bit of a faster paced dance tutorial? Get your sexy dance on to Yummy by Justin Bieber. You’ll learn a lot of body rolls and hip circles in your heels for this one. My favorite dance move is the Flick because it’s a little bit hip hop and a little bit sassy. You really have to tighten your core to keep your balance for this routine.

Say So by Doja Cat

Want a heels choreography that you can do with your gal pals? Try this Say So routine. It’s fierce and will even give you a little core workout. I love the hair whip even though I don’t have Kaleila’s gorgeous locks, I tried to flip my straight hair! There’s a lot of balancing work for this choreography so move at your own pace and pause and replay when needed.

Intermediate Sexy Dance Routine In Heels

We stan Jojo and her new album and I’m so glad to have found this heels routine to her song Man. Dayna will breakdown her choreography and she’ll go through each movement with you. The best part is that in the middle she’ll do the routine with music so you can figure out what part you need to work on more.

Sexy Dancehall In Heels

If you want a follow along type of heels dance workout, take this Dancehall class with Kaleila. It’s only 5 minutes and believe me you’ll want to do it more than once. My fave sexy dance move from this one is the Hip Circles with the Stomp. Makes me feel like Beyonce for sure!

More Sexy Heels Dance Classes Online

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